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Happy What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday, friends! 
Reading ...
I'm back on the Diane Chamberlain train with one I recently downloaded, The Bay At Midnight. I only just started it yesterday, but if it's like her other books, I'll love it!

Watching ...
The new season of Vanderpump Rules (umm, what is up with Sandoval's goofy hair? and I'm so over James), the RHOC reunion (Kelly is a straight up nut job. I can't stand people who don't take responsibility for things they've done, and then just try and turn and point the finger back at the person they wronged), and Teen Mom (I really can't stand Farrah and how she talks to her parents. It makes me sick).
Other than Halloween candy??? :)
Monday I made my pesto foil packet salmon, yesterday I made election day chili (or just regular stovetop chili on election day haha), and tonight we're having tacos courtesy of MG. Love nights when he cooks :)

Looking forward to ... 
seeing our Minnesota friend this weekend who will be in town, getting to meet our friends' new baby, and going to the Skins/Vikings game on Sunday!

that I could fast forward to next Thursday so my contentious family meeting would be over. I'm not looking forward to this meeting and I know it's going to be intense, with a lot of focus on me and my recommendations. Trying my best not to stress about it because 1) it won't make a difference since these people are perpetually unhappy and 2) it's not good for the baby.
Enjoying ...
work from home days on Monday and Tuesday. I'm so much happier doing work when I'm in my comfy clothes, with the tv on, and Cooper snuggling beside me!

tea during the weekday mornings, and coffee on the weekends. Trying to be good and not put too much caffeine into my body! Oh, and lots and lots of water to try and keep the headaches at bay!

taking weekly bump photos (I'll share soon), but here's this past week's!

Wanting ... 
Cooper to get over his fear of the dark that he all of a sudden developed last week. I don't know what his deal is, but he won't go out when it's dark anymore and spends the whole time outside trying to get back to the house. Poor guy went 14+ hours without going pee the other day because he didn't go out before bed.
I don't get it. He's cute but he's weird sometimes lol

Wearing ...
I busted out my Ugg boots this past week because the morning temps were in the 30s and my tootsies were cold!

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Grateful For...
this growing baby, and making it through my first trimester. And for friends who have been wonderful with helping me figure out all of the essential stuff we need for our little one!

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  1. Cutest little bump!! I love when Gary cooks too...something about just eating dinner and not having to worry about cooking is so nice LOL! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Your bump pic 😍😍and that salmon sounds so good I am really thinking I have to try it.

  3. Cute bump picture!! You should do lots of those updates! And I know what you mean about dreading certain parent meetings....especially meetings with crazy parents. Good luck!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. Love your little bump!!! I agree with you about Kelly. She doesn't take ownership at all!

  5. Yes, definitely breaking out the Uggs! Your bump pic is so cute! Cheers for getting through the first trimester :)

  6. Poor Cooper! I have to physically drag my one dog inside at night. The other will take or leave the outside.

    Good luck with your parent meeting. I sympathize. Isn't it terrible how that can ruin a whole week?

  7. Awwww love seeing your bump pictures!!! Sending you good luck for that parent meeting. Oh work from home days?!?! Sign me up!

  8. Look at that sweet lil' bump!!!! I couldn't agree with you more about Kelly on RHOC, can't believe we're already at the reunion!
    Green Fashionista

  9. Farrah is such a self-entitled brat!!! I can't stand her.

  10. You are so cute! I would love to hear what recommendations you have received for baby already. We're just now getting to the registering thing and my goodness is it overwhelming! I'm also a sucker for the same shows-- I don't watch Vanderpump rules religiously but I can't turn it off if it is on lol. And Farah, ugh! I don't know how anyone can act/speak to other people like that and feel good about themselves but thank god she "was blessed with a brain" HA!

  11. Don't stress about your meeting... some people are impossible to please! Sorry Coop is having a hard time adjusting to all the darkness (Note to self: Don't move to Alaska!) and yay for your adorable little bump!!!! You're so tiny still; just a wee bump! Love love love!!

  12. I love the baby bump photos. Try not to worry about that meeting. The less stress, the better.

  13. Yaayy I love that little bump!! You look fantastic. You have so many fun things to look forward to this weekend!

    Meg, Borrowed Heaven

  14. Oh the bump is starting to show! You are going to be the cutest pregnant girl! I bet you'll be all belly!

  15. Your bump, love!! So many exciting things for this weekend!! I hope that meeting goes quickly and swiftly for you friend, definitely don't need that unnecessary stress! Poor Cooper, wonder what's got him so scared of the dark randomly.

  16. Yes, like everyone has said don't stress over the meeting, some people are just that impossible!

    Your baby bump is adorable though! Happy Wednesday!


  17. You look gorgeous! I fear we will never have winter and my UGG boots will forever live in the corner. xoxo

  18. Eek! Bump pic alert and looking fab! I'm grateful for that babe as well and omg to coops dark fear! Bless him! Enjoy your weekend friend! (Farrah is absolutely miserable)

  19. Ahh that's such a cute baby bump! And tell me about it with the halloween candy. I've gotta get it out of the house lol.


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