Monday, January 16, 2017

Long Weekending

Happy Monday! Hopefully you have off work today to rest, relax, and reflect on MLK day :)

This weekend wasn't filled with too much excitement, but I enjoy my relaxing weekends a bunch so it was still a good one.

The highlights this weekend included:
~Getting dinner ready for our little dinner party, which ended up being smaller than we anticipated when one of the couples ended up not coming. We got a text about 30 minutes before they were supposed to arrive, saying the girl was still in a meeting at work and he wasn't sure when she would be out. So we pushed back dinner start time and then an hour later he said she was still at work and to go ahead without them. We never got a message or apology from the girl, at all, which kind of annoyed me since we'd gone to the trouble of making dinner for them and to not even text and apologize came off pretty rude.

~We still had a great time with our really good couple friends who came over--we always have a great time with these two.
~4 hours flew by, like it always does when the four of us are together. Even Cooper made himself at home with them
~Speaking of Cooper, he got in his time pretending to be a baby this weekend lol
~Saturday was a cold and rainy day and lent itself to staying in, reading and being lazy.

~We did make it out of the house to visit IKEA where we got some ideas for the downstairs guest bathroom, and we also stopped at one of the best furniture stores I've been to and found several dining room tables that we liked. Holding off on that purchase for a bit, though

~Saturday night we went out for sushi (baby safe--no raw stuff) and then came home and watched The Accountant
~Sunday we ran our standard weekend errands and then grabbed lunch at Yardhouse. My cheese-loving self was quite satisfied with the grilled cheese and tomato bisque
~Got pictures of our friends' adorable new rescue dog throughout the weekend which we swooned over--can't wait to meet her!
how cute is she???
~Gave myself a little at-home manicure and combined two Essie colors (Size Matters as the base and In Stitches on top)
~One of my favorite movies, About Time, was on so I had to watch. This movie just makes me feel good. And after what seems like endless crappy news on the tv, it was just what my spirit needed. If you've never seen it, I highly recommend it, and the soundtrack is awesome too.
~Made a solid dent in the new book I'm reading which I'm enjoying 

And the best part about a long weekend is going to bed whenever you want on Sunday and waking up without an alarm on Monday!
Hoping your weekend was less rainy than ours was!


  1. Such a bummer when people flake out and you go all out to prepare dinner for them! An apology should be at least given but at least you still had a good time with your guests. The baby safe sushi looks delish! Off to work for me today (sad face)! lol

  2. Oh I love About Time. It's such a cute movie. Glad you had a nice and relaxing weekend and the pup pictures are too cute!

    Whitney & Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  3. That is pretty rude for your friends to not even apologize! Ugh sorry that sucks, but looks like you had a really fun night anyway. That rescue pup is so so cute! She looks like she has shih tzu in her? We have a shih tzu and they look like they have the same face, well kind of, ha ha.

  4. ok now i need to watch 'about time' again - i have seen it once and remember crying and loving it. thanks for the reminder! also that's lame about your dinner party guests. i had a convo this weekend with my gf about how so many people just don't have manners. i swear! have a great day off!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. We had 6 people cancel on our New Year's Brunch..which was annoying, but it meant more yummy food as leftovers for me!

  6. Love the mani! I'm definitely enjoying the day off today and hope you are too! :)

  7. Love the mani; need to work on mine(I really can't wear one at work unless it's pristine) Love About Time. And the soundtrack!! What a great weekend.

  8. Love little Cooper making his way into everyone's arms and hearts! Glad you had a nice relaxing weekend and are getting to extend it one more day! XOXO, R

  9. So jealous of your day off today!! That was really rude of her not to send you a message. Totally understandable that stuff happens but she should have at least called and apologized.

  10. It annoys me to no end when people don't show up after you've cooked for them and there's not an explanation or apology to boot. UGH. However, that sushi looks incredible so I hope that helped brighten up the rest of your weekend a bit ;) Also, mixing two essie colors?! GENIUS. I've never even thought about doing that, haha. How was The Accountant? We've been saying we'll watch it, but I'd love to hear your thoughts!

  11. Your lunch at Yardhouse looks DELISH! So sorry to hear about the rude non-cancellation, I will never understand how some people don't have the decency to say sorry can't make it or try to reschedule. Glad you had fun with the friends who did come, and look at Cooper! Adorable <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. Enjoy your day off! It stinks that the friends cancelled but at least you had a great time with the other too! Looks delicious too!

  13. So rude when people no show with no apology? We had a friend RSVP to our Christmas Party and not come. Ran into her and she told me she fell asleep and woke up after the party started. She didn't apologize, just said she was tired. Okay. But why not text me the night of the party to explain??

  14. sushi AND cooper loving. sounds like the perfect weekend!
    Trish - tales from trish

  15. I definitely agree that her not sending an apology was rude, that's the least she could have done.

  16. So rude when people no show with no apology! Also, Cooper is adorable!!

    -Chelsea |

  17. Love the nails!

    Totally understandable to be caught at work. Cancel immediately, don't wait for hours, and apologize while you're at it even though it's out of your control.

  18. That sushi looks so good! How was The Accountant??

  19. I don't think people realize how far a simple apology goes. If you can't do something, that's fine, but at least say you're sorry! Your nails are gorgeous-- I've never thought about layering colors before. And ps-- I love your placemats!

  20. We watched the accountant as well this weekend, thought it was pretty decent!! So annoying about that girl not even sending a text to apologize - I think I know who you are referring to so it doesn't surprise me, but still!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  21. Did you like the Accountant? Caleb and I saw it in theater a while back and LOVED it. I'm a big Ben Affleck fan! Girl, I'm sorry your friends pulled a no-show! That's frustrating!

  22. What a great weekend. I am sorry your friends bailed on you. At least the other couple came and you had a great time. Their loss for not coming and not even apologizing. Very rude. Love the grilled cheese and tomato soup!! Hope you have a good week!

  23. Glad you had a nice weekend. Sorry about the girl who didn't make it to the dinner party and never texted/called. That is really rude! Glad the other couples were a lot of fun though. And omg, Cooper is adorable! Love when you can hold animals like babies. haha


  24. That stinks about that couple but overall the dinner party looked so fun! I'm now craving a dinner party so thanks for the idea! Love how Coop enjoyed himself as well! Also, I've never seen that movie so I'm adding it to my list! Glad ya'll had a nice relaxing weekend! xo


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