The One with lots of Celebrations!

Happy Monday, friends! I'm coming off of one of the happiest, love-filled weekends following my birthday/baby shower weekend! Lots of highlights to get to!

~Friday afternoon my bestie arrived and we went to get groceries for the shower. It was seriously like no time had passed at all!

~Friday night we grabbed dinner with MG and then came back home and Genna got to work with baby shower prep. When I tell you this girl had so many awesome ideas and crafts....I was amazed! All of a sudden things started being transformed and decorated.

~We put the prep to rest and hung out for a bit and then all headed to bed to get some sleep

~Saturday morning I woke up to birthday wishes and gifts. Then Genna went into full on prep mode and MG helped where he could (and so did I, despite Genna not wanting me to do anything haha)

~All of a sudden the decorations were up, the yummy brunch food was cooking (and tormenting me with how good it smelled), and my mom arrived with some extra supplies for the final touches. I must say, I couldn't have pictured it being any prettier!
~All of a sudden, everyone was arriving and I had around 30 people in the house, so I circulated, saying hi to everyone and chatting it up with everyone as best as I could before we all got to eating. There was SO much good food including a french toast bake, fruit skewers, a little egg muffin bake, chicken salad, tuna salad, pasta salad, bagels, and a MOM-osa bar (get it?)
Me and the bump with the grandmas-to-be
My work family
My speech friends
Besties! (and my favorite pic of the day I think)
~Time seemed to fly by and we were heading downstairs to open gifts and oh my word I was overwhelmed at all of the presents my friends and family brought!
There were so many gifts and I loved them all, but some favorite surprises were these nursery wall decor:
And this handmade blanket by my incredibly talented friend, Trish:
(this picture doesn't even do it justice--it's so pretty!)

~Things wound down after the gifts were opened and people made their way back home. We spent some time with my besties before they headed back to MD, and then it was just Genna, me, MG, my mom and my SIL, MIL and nieces. We all took the opportunity to relax for a while before heading out for my birthday dinner. Cooper was tuckered out from all of the excitement from the day
 Unfortunately the weather was supposed to be bad the next morning for Genna so she hit the road before dinner to get home without the craziness that weather brings.

~The family made our way to dinner and good old MG was secure in being the only guy at the table haha. I got my delicious lobster bisque from Brio and had a delicious salmon meal to boot. Birthday dinner success!
 ~After dinner, my mom headed home, and the rest of us made it back to the house and decided to watch Three Men and a Baby which was the perfect end to the night!

~Sunday morning came too soon with the loss of an hour so I enjoyed my morning coffee in the new mug that Genna had gotten for me #greysanatomyreference
~We had breakfast together before our PA family made their way back home and then MG and I ran errands for the week, in anticipation of the 5-10" of snow we're supposed to get tonight into tomorrow. What the what??

The rest of the day was pretty lazy with reading, tv, and perhaps an afternoon nap. Now that we have so many gifts here, my nesting instincts are starting to perk up and I have the urge to get in that room and organize organize organize!

Overall, I could not have asked for a day where I felt more love, not just towards me, but for baby G. I am truly blessed and so is this little girl. I'm so glad that I have so many people in my life, and strong, kind women, who are going to be wonderful role models for her, and show so much love! 

And I have to send a special shout out of love and thanks to my best friend Genna for coming up here, arranging all of this, putting it all together flawlessly and making me feel truly spoiled. I love you to pieces and am so glad that we came into each others' lives. MG and I have reveled at what you pulled off this weekend and I know that every ounce of it came from love. Baby G is so lucky to have you for an aunt and I'm lucky to have you to call my friend, and my person. I love you so much!


  1. Such a sweet weekend!! I love that your best friend did all that and I love the mug she got you! The purple shower decorations are so cute!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Such a fun-filled weekend of celebrations! Hoping y'all don't get *too* much snow today/tomorrow!!

  3. Oh sweetie, you deserved a glorious weekend and I am so glad you got one! Your floral dress is absolutely beautiful and I adore that you and baby girl where showered with such love! This will make for a sweet week ahead as you relive the memories.

  4. The colors and theme are adorable. Your dress matched perfectly!

  5. Sounds like the best weekend full of celebrations!! I love all the shower decor, your friend did GREAT! You looked so pretty and I love that dress! So glad you enjoyed it all!

  6. What a great weekend! Your shower looked like so much fun! I love the elephant theme, so cute. And you look amazing girl! Glad you had such a great weekend celebrating! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  7. seriously this just makes me happy. it's just what you needed when you needed it too! your best friend went all out and i just love it. all the details - perfection. i hope you don't get too much snow girly! stay warm!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  8. What a cute shower :) Looks like you guys had a blast!!!
    Chelsea @

  9. So glad you had a great weekend filled with love and gifts for your precious baby girl :)

  10. A birthday and a baby shower - so much love for one very deserving woman!! I love the dress you wore - so pretty on you! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  11. I'm glad you had such a great shower & birthday weekend - so much fun all rolled into one! Everything looks fantastic :)

  12. What a wonderful celebration!!! :) You looked beautiful.

  13. You looked gorgeous for the shower! I love the pic with the two grandmas but the BFF photo is definitely my favorite. I like momosa a lot, that makes me laugh.

    Fabulous celebratory weekend both of you and your baby!

  14. Sounds like the best weekend of celebrations. Your bestie sounds like the best with coming and helping prep and throw you a fab shower, which you more than deserve. You can tell how loved you and Baby G are from these pictures. Also how adorable is all the party decor, loving that wall decor too!!

  15. Your baby shower looked AMAZING!!! I love all the little elephant touches--so precious!

  16. Aw, looks like such a fun weekend! You looked gorgeous and I can't get over how cute the elephant theme is!

  17. SO glad the shower was a success! Sorry to have missed it...looked so pinterest perfect!! XOXO, R

  18. What a perfect weekend to celebrate your sweet baby girl! That elephant wall hanging is absolutely perfect! And that blanket made by your friend! That will be a gift that you will treasure forever. I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful weekend! You deserved it, Momma!

  19. I love your color scheme and am glad you had a cheerful weekend!

  20. Love the grey and purple colors! That's exactly what I would choose for nursery and your dress matches the theme. I'd say Genna did an outstanding job of pulling the food, drinks (cute momosa bar) and theme together plus it's heart warming to have some of your favorite ladies come together to celebrate you - your birthday and baby girl!

  21. Aw true friendship right there with you and Genna, you are so lucky to have found each other! What a great weekend of friends, family and love for you and little miss!

  22. Your weekend sounds perfect. Birthday dinner, a beautiful shower and family time. Love it. That elephant piece is sooo cute. Love that blanket too. You looked beautiful at your shower. I can't wait to see the nursery all set up!

  23. What a wonderful weekend! You deserve all the love and celebrations! xx, I'm Fixin' To


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