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Happy What's Hap-"Pinning" Wednesday, friends! 
Reading ...
I just finished The Power of One last weekend, and have now moved on to Heading Home with Your Newborn: From Birth to Reality. I've been reading a little every night and it's got some good information which is helping me feel a bit more prepared. For soon-to-be moms, I recommend it!
Watching ...
Bachelor is over (and I say "thankfully" under my breath) and I'm pretty sure that Nick and Vanessa will last about 2-3 months tops. They just did NOT seem happy at all at the ATFR show and all they talked about was how things were so hard. 
RHOBH is probably my top spot now, but I did check out one of the episodes of Sweet Home Oklahoma on Monday and I enjoyed it enough to keep watching.
But, I really can't wait for Southern Charm to come back in April!
whatever I can make work into my GD diet, which thankfully hasn't been too hard when I'm at home/during the work week. Meals on the weekends are more challenging because I'm lazy and don't want to cook/meal prep 7 days a week, but I'm getting the hang of it.

Looking forward to ... 
my shower in PA next weekend, and having an idea of what we have, what we still need, and getting it all ready for baby girl's arrival!

Enjoying ...
baby kicks :)

still loading up on water all day errrrrryday. I've managed to meet my 80-100 ounces every day which I'm pretty proud of. I also manage to go to the bathroom to pee about 80-100 times a day now too, which is also a new accomplishment for me lol.
I did indulge in some Diet Coke this past weekend and I felt like a rebel. This is what rebellion looks like now haha

that Spring is finally here, and the longer, lighter evenings. It's been so much easier to get a walk in after work (when the weather cooperates) and I see many more after-work days like that, too!

Wanting ... 
to stuff face with pizza without thinking about the consequences
Wearing ...
A mix of warmer weather clothes and colder weather clothes because Mother Nature can't seem to decide whether she wants it Springy or Wintery lately. Last week we had snow and ice, this week we have 60s...then today 20s-40's. So basically I just wear layers and layers.

getting my TDAP shot since I've heard it hurts and it might not be covered by my insurance. But with RSV running rampant, it's best for baby girl, so we'll go and get the shot. But I don't wanna!! haha

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Grateful For...
a report of a healthy baby at our appointments on Friday. Baby girl is measuring right on track and everything looked nice and healthy at the ultrasound!

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  1. Did you know there is a movie for The Power of One? I really need to read the book since I really love the movie--it's so sad but good!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I can't wait for Southern Charmed, too! I didn't realize Sweet Home Oklahoma had started yet - it looks like it could be funny!

  3. Oh I am SO happy the Bachelor is over too, I still cannot believe he picked her - I liked her, but they were just not a good match in my opinion. Did you see him on Dancing with the Stars? Boy has moves though.

  4. I forgot about Southern Charm! I have to go back and watch some episodes :-)

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  5. YAY for baby kicks! And don't worry about the TDAP vaccine, my husband thought it hurt (they wanted any of us who would be around the baby a lot to get one including my parents), but it wasn't that bad for me for some reason. The shot I received post-pregnancy for mastitis.. now that hurt! Yowzers! Just take a deep breath, and it'll be over before you know it <3
    Green Fashionista

  6. The shot didn't really hurt me, hopefully it won't hurt you either!! Your husband is getting it too right?!

  7. Loving that spring is here! Glad that everything was good with that sweet little girl at your last appointment!

  8. I totally agree about Nick and Vanessa - they did not seem happy at all! And yes to Southern Charm - I'm so excited!

  9. Girl- TDAP shot is not bad at all-- after all the shots we had it felt like nothing! And of allll the things your insurance has covered, why in the HECK wouldn't they cover a TDAP vaccine?! Seriously?! That makes me mad!!

  10. Southern Charm lets goooo!!! What's sweet home ok? Should I be watching? Baby kicks are the best and so glad for a healthy report! xo

  11. I got a TDAP a few years ago when my friend had her baby--I can't believe your insurance wouldn't cover it! Hmmm I'm also now wondering if I need another one or if it lasts for several years...I'll have to look that up! Hooray for a healthy baby in your ultrasound!

  12. Yay for a healthy report!! Totally agree on Nick and Vanessa - I think they're miserable and just don't want to fail in front of all of America. Hope you have a great next shower! I bet it will be so fun to go through everything after, get what you still need and just feel more settled & ready!

  13. I got TDAP a few years ago when my sister had her second child, its not terrible. Yay for healthy baby! I always feel like a rebel when I have a diet coke too ;)

  14. OMG I'm so glad that somebody else noticed the tension between Nick and Vanessa on the after show. She sounded completely bitter and unhappy. They won't last another month!

    And LOL every time you say your GD diet I know you're referring to "gestational diabetes" but the other "GD" always pops in my head and it cracks me up because I'm sure that's how you actually feel about it. Haha.

  15. I have a theory that the Bachelor made them sign a contract saying they'd stay together X amount of months because people were already so skeptical about Nick.

  16. The TDAP for me actually wasn't so bad. I hope that gives you some comfort.

  17. I got to feel baby kicks from my BFF all weekend. So special! I'll have to recommend those books to her since she loves reading.

  18. I can not wait for southern charm to premier. It is really the only reality show I regularly keep up with. The TDAP shot hurt very similar to a tetanus shot to me. I am surprised that it would not be covered by insurance. Make sure hubby gets one too! Joe waited till the last minute and ended up getting it only a few days before Caroline was born.

  19. Pizza without consequences is a dream. Period.

  20. Oh gosh, I really need to drink more water but it's so hard to get it all in and I already pee like a million times a day. haha Good job for meeting your goals though!


  21. I didn't think Nick and Vanessa lamenting how hard it has been was a red flag, they both just seemed like realists. The fact that he agreed to do DWTS, though...it hasn't been good for the new relationships of ANY of the bachelors who have done it. Why would you not learn from them?!


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