Weekending: The One Where We Slept (more than usual)

I'm pretty sure my weekend posts are just going to be on Tuesdays (or Wednesdays) from now on because I just can't bring myself to get on the laptop on Sunday afternoons and evenings to write a post when I have MG home and we get that together time #lifeafterbaby

This weekend was filled with some great highlights:

~MG's parents came down to visit kind of last minute for the weekend on Thursday night so I had some help on Friday morning which is always welcome
~MG left work half day and met us at Yard House for lunch--Ella slept through the meal, but rocked her fluffy headband like a champ #allthepraisehands
~We ordered in pizza for dinner and had a quiet night in

~Saturday MG and his dad went for a bike ride while my MIL and I spent some time with little miss Ella bella who just continued her cuteness show

~Ella's been practicing taking naps in her crib throughout the day and has had success in the mornings

~other naps look more like this....which is good for my soul

~That afternoon MG and I took advantage of having my in-laws here and went to a co-ed baby shower sans baby....one of our first times getting out without her and it was nice. I'm pretty sure we talked about her the entire time though haha.
My FIL has the pic of us looking like real humans but he hasn't sent it to me--so just imagine a picture of what MG and I looked like before baby from previous posts here lol

~MGs friend sent us an adorable 4th of July outfit for Ella (that may be too big for our little peanut) and this sweet frame
Just need to get one of her photos in there and find a place to hang it!

~Sunday we said good bye to my in-laws and then ran errands to Costco and groceries with little miss....who turned 6 weeks old!
~We got a planter for our front door since the one we had had died and was just a pile of dirt. This is nicer than a pot of dirt lol
~Continued our binge'ing of Friday Night Lights--currently mid-way through season 4

~Spent time trying to find all of the things that my MIL "put away" lol

The biggest highlight of the weekend was Ella sleeping 5 and a half hours between feedings at night, followed by another 3.5...letting us wake up at 7-730 instead of 5-6am. To all of you without kids, this sounds like nothing, but those of you with kids knows how sanity-saving this can be.
Of course, that was followed by a much shorter stint of sleep on Sunday night to Monday...because babies don't let you get used to things lol. We're continuing to work towards 6 hours this week!

All in all it was a really nice weekend, with some family time, helping hands, and some good milestones for our little lady.


  1. Jenn, I can't get over her cuteness!!! Yes, I totally remember those longer stretches at night, but hated waking up to torpedo boobs because of said longer stresses, lol!!!

  2. Awww love the headband! Sounds like a great weekend, especially with the extra bit of help!

  3. I love these posts! She's so precious!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. OMG 5.5 hours, that's bliss!!! She is just so stinking cute and her little face is getting chunkier! <3

  5. Looks like such a fun weekend! I'm so glad you guys are starting to get out more!

  6. I haven't stopped by in a while, but congratulations on your daughter! She's beautiful! Enjoy mommyhood!

  7. What kind of bassinet is she in on the last photo? Congrats on making it 5 hours of sleep at night! I get tired just reading about it. Sleep deprivation is absolutely miserable and unfortunately comes with just having a newborn. Enjoy those little chest naps while you can. Caroline became a very independent sleeper around 10 months and refused to fall asleep in our arms. So one day you will miss it!

  8. I cannot believe she is 6 weeks already! Woot 5 hours of sleep is a big deal! I am glad you got an outing with just you and him!

  9. I am shocked that she's six weeks old already. I had to read that twice becuase I though I had misread it. I swear, I thought she was only about 3 weeks now. They really do grow too quickly. I'm glad you're soaking up lots of baby time. And I say let her sleep on your chest all you want. It's amazing for both of you. <3

  10. I cannot get over how absolutely adorable little Miss Ella is, glad your in-law's were able to come and give you guys a little free time! Can't believe how big she has gotten!

  11. Sleeping, new plants, 6 week mark AND Friday Night Lights binge? Sounds like heaven really! haha love it!

  12. Ahhh Ella is so big! Sounds like you two have fallen in to parents pretty naturally!

  13. The first few outings without baby are so odd but also refreshing! So glad you were able to have that time.

  14. omg that last photo. she's so darn cute! and i don't blame you for loving the naps on your chest. i mean there's just something about a sweet baby just sleeping away right there. the best!
    xoxo cheshire kat

  15. Glad Ella let you get some more sleep and that you had some help for the weekend! What a cutie she is!

  16. She is such a doll and I totally know how getting that much sleep is a blessing. Good for you guys.


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