Weekly Wins: The OG

Happy Friday, friends--hopefully your week's been smooth and quick! Time for another recap of the wins from this week!

~Today is a teacher work day which means  time to get caught up/ahead on things for the coming weeks and get in some professional development training, and no kids! (And for me personally, it means not going over to that hoarder's office in the afternoon!)

~I got the convertible carseat that I've been eyeing for a while at the recommendation of several friends for $120 off the normal price thanks to a Target sale last week. I still spent $180 but hey...money saved is money saved and now we don't have to worry about getting one of these down the line
~I was able to use my credit card points to get Amazon gift cards to purchase this baby food processor that I've wanted since before Ella was born based on Brittany's review of it. So basically, I got this fine piece of machinery for free (saved: $150). Stay tuned for updates on Ella's eating journey haha
Also add this to the category of: things I would have never thought I'd be excited about when I was in my 20s  #youknowyoureoldwhen #boringpurchases

~Ella has been giggling more and more and I've discovered my own ways of getting her to do it. Insert all the heart eye emojis here :)
my happy girl 
~Honeycrisp apples are back and SO delicious!

~MG and I have a date night planned, for just the two of us, in October. A friend offered to babysit Ella and we took her up on the offer! It's a few weeks away, but I'm already looking forward to a night of just us.

~We found another tv show to watch together thanks to the recommendation of a friend. Have any of you seen Glitch?--it's an Australian show. The first episode was a little challenging to get into because it was weird, but since then it's been really good! 
~traffic getting to and from daycare has been really good this week (I'm probably jinxing myself by writing this). One day I made it home 5 minutes earlier than Waze said I would which is a feat in and of itself, but also in the DC metro area! I'm hoping it keeps up!!

~I dealt with the nicest customer service person from Bank of America yesterday when trying to work out an issue with our HOA's management company (they charged us a late fee and a check return fee for our last HOA dues despite them being paid). The HOA management company people left a lot to be desired and the Bank of America rep, Crystal, not only called them with me on the line to try and assist, but also refunded me the bank fee that the HOA person said they wouldn't, despite the problem not being our fault. 
It's nice to know there are still good, helpful and KIND people out there. She made my day.

~Also made my day--this review of the HOA management company on Yelp:
"I sincerely hope the owners of this company get hit by a bus. Their employees are the optimal blend of annoying and incompetent to ultimately provide the same value to society as an ass pimple does."
I couldn't agree more, Will S.

~It's been a full month (and a day) since I went back to work--I know I mentioned 4 weeks last week--but this is a big accomplishment to me. The last few weeks have been tear-free, and Ella is getting some great experiences at daycare, too. Not to mention lots of love!
On that cute note, I'm off! Tell me some wins from your week!


  1. Ella is just so cute! I am excited about honeycrisp apples, too! Have a great weekend.

  2. Yay, I'm so glad you got the Beaba! It's amazing. Also, you know you're a parent when you really look forward to a date night a few weeks away. I do it all the time! ;)

  3. So glad to hear Waze worked out for ya, I finally used it myself this week! Ella is just the cutest!! Dates nights are few and far between for us so when we plan it I really look forward to it as well :)

  4. aw i'm glad things are getting a little easier with ella at daycare! i mean it's never easy but one day at a time :) and who doesn't love when a commute turns out to be way easier/faster. the little things! have a great weekend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. I live to find baby things on sale - it can make my day! That car seat was a great score. Can't believe you've already been back to work for a month!

  6. That yelp review is hysterical! I am glad the traffic has been so great and you are getting used to having her at day care, it is a hard transition. Have a fabulous weekend!

  7. I need to start thinking about a carseat blehhhhh those things aren't cheap! I LOOOOOVE feeding Vivi fruits and veggies and have absolutely loved making them! Text me if you need any tips!

  8. Getting babies to giggle is the cutest! The convertible car seat sounds so convenient. Have a lovely weekend with lots of giggles and snuggles!

  9. Yay for a convertible seat! We are so glad we started E in that from birth.

  10. The fact that that review was already written means you don't have to write it. So double win. I LOLd at it.

  11. That's the carseat we have and I love it! You got it for a steal!!

  12. I love the baby giggles. They are the best. I have a similar car seat for the girls and we love it. It might be the same, but you have a newer version of it. You got it at a killer deal.


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