Coffee Talk

It's been months and months since we've had a good coffee talk, and after seeing Brittany's post the other week, I got inspired to do another little coffee talk!
If we were having coffee, there'd be tons to talk about!

~If you're a mom friend, I'd probably pick your brain about this whole "solid food" thing and how in the heck I'm supposed to navigate it. Breastfeeding/milk drinking I've got down. How and when to incorporate foods is tough. I feel like by the time I get home with Ella from work around 5pm, and her starting the bedtime routine around 630 (which includes her last nursing/feeding), I just don't know when to try new foods with her. And it's something I'd like to do instead of putting that off on my friend at daycare, but I just don't know how to manage it.

~I'd tell you how I'm nervous that all of my friends are going to leave my current school next year. And I'd also be honest and say that I've thought about it myself, but my drawback is having Ella's daycare SO close to school (2 minutes), and knowing that she's well cared for by my friend. Plus, we don't pay for daycare during the summer, and if we did another at-home or daycare center, we'd likely be paying through the summer, when I don't get paid. That adds up. But, people at work aren't happy, and there's already LOTS of rumblings that if people could leave in the middle of a school year, they would. I think if my friends leave, I'm going to be that much more unhappy next year. I guess for now, I'll just keep my ears and my options open and weigh out what I want to do closer to the end of the school year...

~I'd tell you that MG had a work dinner last night that kept him out of the house from 630am until 9:30pm last night, which meant I was mom'ing completely solo for the first time yesterday (no moms or MIL's to help), and we both survived. AND there were no tears shed on either of our parts haha

~I feel like a loser because I don't have much Halloween decor, and haven't decorated much of our house for Fall. It's not the end of the world, and I'm trying to give myself some grace because #infant, but I still wish I had more decor in my possession, and could easily decorate our house a bit more.

~MG and I split a bottle of wine for the first time in ages this past weekend, and it was nice to just sip, chat, play with Ella, and unwind with the gorgeous weather we had this weekend. Mama's tolerance is coming back...sorta haha

~I'm trying to make a goal for myself to read a little bit every week, since I totally fell off the reading train when I went back to work. Many nights, especially since Ella had her cold and sleeping was more interrupted, I've been falling asleep on the couch early because I just can't keep my eyes open. But I miss reading and am doing my best to make it more of a priority. 
Any good book recommendations? I'm reading a Diane Chamberlain book right now--hoping it lives up to some of her others that I've enjoyed.

~I have the iPhone6 and it seems to be begging lately for me to upgrade. It's SO slow lately, taking forever to open up apps, or even a picture in a text. I don't want to switch to having to pay for my phone every month (so annoying), but I'm not sure how much longer I can deal with my phone acting like a turd. #8plushereIcome

What would we be chatting about if we had coffee? 


  1. There's nothing worse than being unhappy at work. I hope your situation gets better! And I have the 6 plus and am so ready to upgrade!! I just don't know if I want the 8 or the 10. But yeah, paying monthly sucks because they had just started that when I got my phone!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. Loving your post! I have a coffee talk coming up on my blog this week too. I whole heartedly agree with almost everything you mentioned! Solid foods put me in a tailspin. Even though it seems simple and straightforward I just couldn't get my head wrapped around it until we just jumped right in. I also have the most minimal fall setup on my table and was just thinking how lame I am for not going all out, but who has the time and energy, right?? Have a fantastic day!

  3. I love these kind of posts! Girl, don't worry about the house decorating. I just decorated for Fall AND Halloween on Saturday night. A bit late, but that's what happens when you juggle 4 kids! And I can relate to the phone situation. Mine is the same way, and I have no urge to pay even more money each month! I hope you figure out a feeding schedule for Ella, and that things get resolved at work so your friends don't leave.

  4. Yes to getting the iphone 8plus. I have that one and I love it. I upgraded from the iphone 6 as well. So worth it. I wish we were having coffee together. Navigating the food train is hard. We tried food purees every three days or so. I would give them one food for three days after work and slowly incorporated it. Once I felt a little more comfortable, we gave it to daycare to start doing as well. My girls took to fruit so well and now they think it is just ok. It is a long process and I had no idea what I was doing either. Just go with your gut instinct. And text me if you need any advice.

  5. I agree with Sarah - being unhappy at work is the pits. Hope things get better!

  6. I'm bummed we had to miss our coffee date because we have so much to catch up on! Right now, I'm stuck home with the flu and have to go camping this weekend...ugh. Hooray for surviving your first solo day with Ella!

  7. You could try the solids on the weekend maybe? Then if one particular foods seems ok bring a little to daycare for her to eat there as well. Once you get going with it it will get easier. We eventually got to where he would have a bottle and little puree two to 3 times a day.

  8. Let me clear up...more than 2-3 bottle but along with food 2-3 times..haha

  9. My best advice for Fall/Halloween decor... start stocking up on the clearance stuff every year after the holiday and you'll end up with some great decor after a few years. Sorry things at work aren't great this year. Hope there ar some changes to make everyone happier. Sounds like you've got a great daycare set up so that's hard to give up. I like your plan of keeping your eyes open and just seeing how things play out. Last thing... maybe you could do solid foods on the weekends when you have more time and then your sitter could continue the work you've done during the week. That way you wouldn't feel so rushed in the evenings.

  10. Yay for surviving a long night without MG! It's rough but great job!

  11. Trust me, you'll find time to decorate, one day! LOL! I need a new phone too but for the same reason I'm waiting, ugh!


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