My Best Friend's Wedding

It's about time that I got my act together and posted pics from my best friend's wedding now that the professional photos are back!

On Friday morning (Sept 4th) MG and I woke up at 5am in Ocean City NJ to catch the ferry (because going on 95 S on a Friday towards a beach town is no bueno). The ferry was a really nice experience and made the journey that much more relaxing.
We got into VA Beach around 1pm and had some down time before the rehearsal.

The rehearsal was at a gorgeous country club on the water!
We had the rehearsal dinner afterwards and got to spend time just chatting, catching up, and relaxing before the big day
The next morning I was up early and headed over to Genna's parents house (which is insanely gorgeous btw) for hair and make up. We had yummy lunch from Taste Unlimited--my favorite when I'm in the VA Beach area.
our cute and comfy Bridesmaids shirts
Before we knew it, it was 2pm and we had to head over to the country club and get ourselves together, and get our girl into her gorgeous dress. 
I mean, how stunning is she?
We took photos before the wedding ceremony which turned out gorgeous--the colors of the flowers and dresses, and the background just worked so well!

Love this girl!
They did a first look and the photos were adorable--here's one of my faves:
Before the wedding ceremony, they signed the ketubah (which is part of a Jewish wedding--sort of like vows written down), and I was Genna's witness
Then we lined up and got ready to get our girl hitched! The ceremony was quick, the weather was beautiful, and everything went off without a hitch!
Then it was time for cocktails, dinner, and party time! My handsome husband and I enjoyed our baby free evening :)

At the end of all of the eating, drinking, and dancing, we sent off the bride and groom on a boat ride--
Sorry for the picture overload, but there were so many good ones to choose from that I just included a bunch!
I'm so happy that my best friend found her partner. Seeing her with him, she was so at ease and so herself that it just made me happy watching them together.
Genna, thank you for having me be a part of your special day. I love you so much and am still so incredibly happy for you! 


  1. That's the cutest send off with them in the boat. Love the pictures. Everyone looked beautiful! It's heartwarming to watch your friends find love. It doesn't hurt that you get a little spoiled on a besties day either. I love me some wedding glam.

  2. gorgeous! Genna made a beautiful bride! I hope they have a bunch of red haired babies!!

  3. Best friends' weddings are so special! Pretty pictures!

  4. The photos are gorgeous! Love your dress and the coloring of the dresses/flowers!

  5. Those photos before the ceremony are gorgeous!! It's so fun watching people you love getting married. I think it's even more special now since I'm already married than it was before.

  6. I adore that last photo, but they're all great and everyone looks fab.

  7. You look beautiful! The dress you wore is perfect.

  8. Your dress is really pretty. I usually don't like a lot of bridesmaid dresses, but that one I like. Love seeing all the photos!


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