Weekending: Babies, Bdays, Baking and more

Here I am, weekending a day late again because MG and I both fell asleep on the couch Sunday night, and woke to a crying baby upstairs and a baby monitor that's battery had died (and we apparently slept through the beeping of the dying monitor too). So yeah, we were tired haha!

This weekend brought lots of highlights with it including:

~MG's return home on Friday afternoon (around 5pm). Ella and I were both super excited to see him!

~An adorable little treasure box brought back from Romania with Ella's name and birthday personalized (so sweet!)
~Friday night Mexican dinner out complete with a strawberry mojito (because I made it through a week without my husband, with a  4 month old)

~Saturday morning we woke up to a 5 month old, smiling baby. How has it been 5 months already? I have no idea!
~We took a family trip to the outlets where I perused Loft and ended up with a cute sweater and a Fall dress, and then a pair of Lucky jeans since all of my jeans are now too big on me #thanksbreastfeeding

~Ella went down for a nap and we got ourselves together for our friends' son's 1st birthday party. Ella put on her party pants for the occasion and looked oh-so cute!
~We had a great time with friends and babies, and before we knew it, it was time to head home so that little miss could get her zzzzz's!

~After we got her to bed, MG and I stayed up and watched Fuller House (yes, we are raging party animals now lol)

~Sunday morning MG ran errands since Ella was napping and when she woke up we tried our mamas&papas chair for another round of trying out solids (if you follow me on snap chat you saw the video)
Gimme that food, mama!
 ~MG snapped this photo of me and my Ella bear after she woke up from her morning nap and I'm smitten

~Then we met up with my friend Mary Katherine, her husband and baby for lunch at one of our old stomping grounds. Bloody Mary's may have been ordered ;)  #babieswhobrunch
~After a short afternoon nap, we took Ella for a walk in the ergo carrier, but faced her out for the first time and I think she enjoyed being able to see everything instead of my chest lol

~We watched football and I baked some of the strawberry chocolate chip muffins that I haven't made for a while (so tasty!)
Ella snacked on her toes while we snacked on muffins :)
~We decided since Fall weather had hit, that it was a good night to make some chili, too (more yum!) and did our own take on Chrissy Tiegen's chili

~Someone was refusing a late afternoon nap, and got so cranky at 6ish that we did bedtime early and got her down with a little more fussing than usual.

And then you know how the rest of our evening went #passedoutonthecouch

All in all it was a fabulous weekend and packed with lots of fun and cuteness!

I also want to shout out my friend Hanna on her engagement last week! I'm SO SO SO happy for these two and can't wait for all of the wedding planning to begin!

Hope your week is off to a good start already!


  1. That little box is so cute! What a sweet present!

  2. ahh baby nap time...aka the time when you get some time to yourself lol. enjoy those!

  3. oh wow, that treasure box is SO pretty! and that picture of you two after her nap? needs to be framed, stat. so precious!

  4. I cannot believe that Ella is five months old already. Where does the time go?? I just love how good and chunky she is! Reminds me of my own babies!

  5. Awwwww she is getting so big! I love the picture of her snacking on her toes ;)

  6. Look how darling your little Ella is! Doesn't time just fly? I swear my little boys were babies just yesterday!

  7. What changes did you make to Chrissy Tiegan's chili? I have her cookbook as well. Ella is sooo darling in her tutu outfit. I love the gift that MG brought back for Ella. Rory got the girls London sweatshirts and purses. They are obsessed. Congrats to your friend on her engagement!!! Love that sweet snap of you and Ella.

  8. Oh my gosh, Ella in her party pants, so precious! And I love the black and white of you two! Man, you look good mama!

  9. That treasure box is beautiful! What a wonderfully sweet gift.


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