Weekly Wins: The One and Only

Happy Friday!!! Another week in the books and we made it!

This week has had its ups and downs, but more ups thankfully. My wins this week included:

~Booking our trip to Minnesota. So, we're doing this! Traveling with an infant to a cold weather climate and we aren't turning back! Everyone I spoke with (and got advice from here) has told us to just do it, so we are. We're excited to see our friends for our yearly trip, and the Vikings game will be an added bonus too! Now...do we bring Ella to the game (with headphones for noise cancelling) or leave her at the house with a trusted babysitter for 6 hours?
~Free babysitters tonight! My one brother-in-law's sister and her daughter stayed with us last night and are staying tonight because they had a college visit/practice this morning super early at Catholic University and offered to babysit Ella tonight. We are totally taking them up on it and have a date night planned to get sushi--something I haven't had since before I got pregnant so I'm already salivating! Who knows what else the night will hold, but getting more one on one time with my guy is always a win!

~Ella's cough is getting better and she slept through the night TWO nights this week so far (if you count 5am this morning as all night, which I do). This may seem like a loss because she was sleeping through the night EVERY night but with the cold/cough it's been rough. Wednesday night was the worst because this little girl must be going through a growth spurt. Waking up and eating at 8pm, 9:30pm, 1:30pm...we were thankful for that full night of sleep at least. So, maybe this is a half win haha
~My sister-in-law is so sweet and sent Ella a package filled with adorable Halloween gear and a super sweet card.  I can't wait to put Ella in the onesie and headband (and can I say I'm a sucker for ruffle butt pants?? Oh my word!) Not to mention the cute hand-me-downs from my sweet friend Lynn that her daughter Evie wore. Ella is going to be one stylin' little girl for this holiday!
~We have plans on Sunday with our favorite couple friend on Sunday to watch the football games. We haven't seen them in a while since it hasn't been as easy for us to make it out on our double dates, and we've both been in and out of town on opposite weekends, but we're finally getting together, and even though it will be low key, we always have the best time with them no matter what we do. Super looking forward to it!
Posting this photo of us (the girl and I) and Chris Bukowski since it popped up on my TimeHop from 4 years ago this past week
~I didn't throat punch a coworker the other day who is super annoying and one of the most inconsiderate and inflexible people I know. Yes, not punching him is a win. 
~I posted every single day this week! Hollaaaaaahhhh! Now, don't be surprised if I vanish again next week lol

Even though this isn't necessarily a win persay, I still wanted to mention that today marks my parents' 38th wedding anniversary. Just wishing my dad was here to celebrate it with my mom. 
What are some of your wins this week?? Share some with me!
Have a great weekend, lovies!


  1. I love little ruffle bottom pants on little girls, too! Happy Anniversary to your parents.

  2. I wish your dad was here to celebrate too!!! I know what you mean about inconsiderate co-workers, so frustrating, I bite my lip! Aww, Ella's package is so cute and she will look darling in that onesie, glad her cough is better! Happy weekend beautiful babe!

  3. I love you friend! Glad to share sweet Halloween clothes with Ella bear. Yay for free sitter and date night! And you guys will dominate the travel with an infant thing. Just remember everyone has gone through it and people are more sympathetic than you think. Love you and hate that life has taken a front seat to our friendship and blogging.xoxox

  4. aw you had some wins for sure! i am SO glad you're going to minnesota - you're gonna have a blast! and hope that sweet baby girl feels better asap. have a lovely weekend! enjoy that sushi!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Yay I am so glad y'all are going to Minnesota! It will be such a good trip and a good opportunity to rip off the airplane with a kid bandaid. Hope you enjoy your date night and Happy Anniversary to your momma and daddy in heaven!

  6. Yay for a trip!! I swear, traveling with an infant is 1000% times easier than traveling with a toddler. I vote take the babe to the game! (especially if you're nursing). A little extra body warmth while baby wearing and an amazing experience to share when she gets older. Have fun!!!

  7. Woohoo! Your trip should be a blast! And I don't think you can go wrong either way with the game. If you leave her with a sitter you'll get a nice parents date out and if you take her with it'll be special because it's her first game (even though she wont remember so you'll get another "first"). Love all of Ella's Halloween stuff too! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  8. Ella is going to look so cute in all her new Halloween gear! Such a sweet gift from your SIL. Have an awesome weekend!

  9. Yay for booking the trip!!!! :) You won't regret it!


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