Girl Chat: Fall Activities

Hey hey chickadees!
I'm linking up today with my ladies for some girl chat, and today's topic is  favorite fall activit(ies).

There are lots of things that I love about Fall, and doing in the Fall so it's hard for me to pick just one activity. Therefore I'm bending the rules a little and telling you a bunch of my favorite activities:

~going to a pumpkin patch or local farm, especially now that we have baby girl
~drinking cider because it's so yummy! Especially warm apple cider!

~starting a fire in our fireplace and drinking a glass of red wine (we haven't done this yet but the weather is definitely lending itself to this happening probably this weekend)

~visiting our friends in Minnesota--this one is happening a little later than normal this year, but we're doing it and I'm looking forward to it!
~making and eating all of the soups

~going for walks and looking at all of the leaves changing those gorgeous red, yellow and orange colors

~I'm not sure this is an 'activity' persay, but busting out and wearing my boots and scarves

Those are just a handful of my favorite Fall activities, how about you??


  1. Looove some apple cider this time of year! We have yet to turn our fire on but I can't wait for that!

  2. Going to the orchard is one of my favorite things to do in the fall too-- especially with hot cider! Love your blanket scarf!

  3. Yay for scarves and boots!!! and of course everything to do with Ella, she is the cutest!

  4. Red wine in front of the fire sounds so lovely! And it's always a good day when it's cool enough to break out the scarves and boots!

  5. I miss when my friends and I used to do "Faux Thanksgiving" before everyone started having kids, so fun! Wine in front of the fire sounds amazing, I am ready for a backyard campfire! Love your outfit with the scarf.

  6. Oh yea! So glad you decided to go to Minnesota!! yea for not letting babies cramp our lifestyles... too much ;) XOX, R

  7. Busting out the boots and scarves DEFINITELY counts as a fall activity! I love all of these cozy things... I can't wait to have a fire! It's been too hot here!

  8. These are my favorites too. I definitely agree that breaking out the fall clothes and boots is an activity!!! Ha. I love making soup and drinking wine by the fire.

  9. You can never go wrong with cider! We have an amazing cider mill here and I'm obsessed with it.

  10. Yes to all of these!! We have yet to light our fireplace and that needs to change!!


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