Weekending: Frrrrrreezing

But for real, temps dipped below freezing this weekend. It was in the 70s a week ago. What in the actual you-know-what??? I'd like to experience Fall for more than a nanosecond, ok Mother Nature?

Anyway, this weekend was supposed to be jam packed with my best friend visiting, MG's best friend in town with the Vikings, a Friendsgiving, the Vikings game...and only one of those things happened but it was still a great weekend!

The highlights:

~Discovered a new drink at Starbucks to help when you have a cold thanks to Sarah--the Coldbuster--it definitely helped!
~Friday MG got to stay home with Ella, and brought her to visit me at work along with some lunch--she was an adorable bright spot to my day :)

~Our oldest niece had her signing day for college! So so proud of her, her hard work, and talent!
~MG, Ella and I went and grabbed pizza out on Friday for dinner, and later in the evening found out that MG's best friend had a cold and didn't want to bring any sickness to us, so wasn't going to come by on Saturday night after all

~Ella slept a whopping 13 hours Friday night! 

~After the amazing night of sleep, she went on to be an amazing napper and took two hour and 40 minute naps! So mama took advantage and got in a bunch of reading since I was basically just sitting there expecting her to wake up any second

~In the late afternoon we got ready to head over to my friend's house for a small Friendsgiving get together. I wore the Target top I mentioned the other week:
~We got there right at 4 because we weren't planning on staying long since we'd said originally that we couldn't stay because of our friends coming in town. But since that didn't end up working out, and another couple ended up not coming, we were able to stay for dinner. The set up was really cute, the food was great, and the friends were fab
~MG and I had to head home a little after 7 since it was after Ella's bedtime and she was making it known that she was overrrrrrr it lol

~Sunday morning started around 6:30am, but included apple pancakes a la MG

~Errands followed by football and a Vikings win--Ella was intrigued by the game
~We ordered Chuy's for dinner and picked it up because it was too cold out and Ella was sounding like she might be getting my cold (boo), and we didn't want to take her out in the cold. Chuy's is never a bad idea :)

~We Facetimed with family, and played before Ella's bedtime
~Got in some more reading, a little pre-bedtime snooze on the couch and tv downtime before hitting the sack!

Woke up to Ella having a stuffy nose and a cough--she didn't avoid my cold even though we did our best to avoid it...round 4...
Hoping that the cold temps warm up enough to feel less like the dead of Winter and more like Fall.
Hoping your weekend was friend-and-fun-filled, too!


  1. Love your friendsgving outfit and yay for Ella being the best sleeper this weekend! The cold was seriously not welcome this weekend - I'd agree that we would like a bit more fall here as well! Happy Monday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I'm so glad you liked that drink! I tried to order another one Thursday and my local Starbucks couldn't make anything hot--it was ridiculous ha! And yay for a long sleep!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. I knew you'd look adorable in that sweater..so cute!!! Looks like such a fun time and sweet Copper with Ella...LOVE!! I know, from Summer right to Winter..Yuk!! Have a great start to your week!

  4. What is in the coldbuster? Need this. Baby colds suck so bad. So sorry. The top is to die for. Where did she end up deciding to go? And man she has grown up so much!

  5. Seriously... where was/is fall?! And now it's just rainy and cold. BLEH!! That is SO amazing for your niece!! What sport/school?! I'll add her to my cheering list! :) Have a great week!!! XOXO, R

  6. I need to know more about this Coldbuster - do tell?! Also, I just love that Top on you. You look gorgeous as ever. Congratulations to your niece on college signing - that's amazing! Here's to a wonderful week ahead!

  7. It's like we have totally skipped over fall and have gone straight to winter!! The cold this weekend was no joke. And just my luck, the heat in my condo broke. No heat all weekend! Thank God for space heaters. Looks like it was a great weekend. Hoping Ella doesn't get another cold. Baby colds are the worst!

  8. Love that sweater on you! Looks so pretty!

  9. I so want to try that drink! I have only heard good things about it!

  10. That white sweater looks SO good on you!!! You pull it off beautifully, and I don't think many people could!! Congrats to your niece on signing day! I had a student sign last week for lacrosse... and we all breathed a sigh of relief when it was done! ;)

  11. Congrats to your niece and yay for a good sleeper, it's such an amazing feeling to get things done or just simply relax. I've been wondering if that cold buster drink works, so good to know <3
    Green Fashionista

  12. We are experiencing freezing temps here too and I'm just not sure how I feel about it haha. It's going to be a long midwestern winter.

  13. Really cute sweater from target. I hate when the temps drop so drastically! Way to shock the system and get people sick!

  14. 13 hours of sleep - I am jealous!!! Good for you guys, I know you enjoyed that :)

  15. Tell me more about this cold buster? What is in it? Sorry she is sick but man that is great that she slept so much! I just love that target top! Hope the weather evens itself out!

  16. Where is your niece going?

    Do you think the coldbuster is worth it?

  17. What is in this coldbuster drink?? I've never heard of it! haha
    And that sweater is so cute! Love the sleeves!

  18. What is in this coldbuster drink? I might need to get one of those. Sounds like a good weekend other than the sicknesses.


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