Weekending: The One Where I Cursed the Clock

Happy Monday friends! I hope those of you without kids enjoyed the extra hour of sleep this weekend because I tell you...that clock change is BRUTAL! More than once I cursed the people who invented DST. 

Anyway, that aside, there were some highlights this weekend:

~Friday Ella's 6 month appt went well--she was a trooper through all of her shots and has grown to 15 lbs 8 ounces!
~Friday night MG picked up pizza on the way home and we had a quiet, chill night in with an adult bevvie while unwinding while watching the last episode of Stranger Things 2
~Saturday morning we slept in until about 730 and had a low key morning with breakfast, the Today show and snuggles
~MG took my car back to the dealership to get new wheel locks put on my tires since we were never given the key for them when I bought my car (which was problematic when I had a flat the other month)

~My friend Emily came by in the early afternoon and we got to catch up since it's been a couple of months since we've seen each other

~We bundled Ella up for a walk in her stroller to try and get her a late afternoon nap since she was napping like crap during the day. Luckily for us it worked (and she looked adorable in her fuzzy bear coat)
~We met up with my friend MK and her husband and baby for dinner at YardHouse--it was a great place to go to try and keep the babies up longer in anticipation of DST ending. The food was good, and the company was even better. No pictures were taken because babies.

~I passed out on the couch Saturday night while we were watching I don't even know what. The level of my tiredness? I woke up and fell asleep while pumping before bed, sitting up. Yes...you read that right. #tiredmomlife

~Sunday morning Ella was up at the new 6:15am and then she played in her crib until 645ish when we got her. It was a really rainy overcast day which would have been perfect sleeping in weather.

~We had blueberry pancakes for breakfast before running errands. I picked up this table runner and napkin set from the Hearth and Hand spread at Target. Our Target didn't have a huge display of Chip and Joanna stuff which was disappointing but I thought these would be pretty for Thanksgiving
~I made homemade baby food Saturday and again on Sunday with my Beaba Babycook machine (love that thing!): sweet potato, peas, and carrots
~My mom came in the early afternoon and got to spend some time with us and Ella. She also brought a bunch of clothes for Ella (such a good Grandma) and a new toy for her which she loved.

~MG and I were able to get our headboard put together and installed on the bed and I love it so so much! 
We are going to fix the pictures over the bed since they were centered over our old queen headboard
~I sat upstairs in Ella's nursery in the dark rocking her for an hour just so she would get a solid nap in since her naps were horrendous all day because she was so off schedule and tired #cursetheclock

~MG and I went to Cava for dinner to get Ella out of the house and to keep her up til her new bedtime which worked and was tasty

~Got the babe to bed, and then got in some reading and unwinding before heading to bed to rest up for the week
Since I'm writing this Sunday night, who knows what time Ella woke up this morning, but let's hope her little body adapts to this time change quickly. Meanwhile I'll be over here depressed that it's dark at like 3pm.

Before I go I want to wish my best friend Genna a very happy birthday!! I love you to pieces and am SO glad I get to see you this weekend!!! Hoping you have a fantastic, easy day and that Saturday gets here super quick so I can see you and hug you!
Hoping your weekend was restful and fun! 


  1. Loving your new headboard!! Looks so good! Sounds like a complete weekend filled with family, friends, MG and babe :) xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I love your headboard and that Chip and Joanna stuff from Target! I didn't even bother trying to go to Target to check it all out since I knew it'd be crazy. Love the green color of those. Good luck getting Ella to adjust to the time change--as of right now, I'm still loving it haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. Ohh I love your new headboard - it looks fantastic! Sounds like a fun and cozy weekend!

  4. that time change is the pits - i feel for every parent out there when it changes! i mean the fact it's hard on adults says enough. the headboard is awesome! and i cannot handle ella in that fuzzy jacket. so cute!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. The headboard looks GREAT!! And I agree- F daylight savings time!! It wasn't so bad Sunday morning, but the evening routine was definitely off! Wishing you a caffeinated Monday!! XOXO, R

  6. This time change is a killer!!! Ugh She looks so cute in that fuzzy jacket :)

  7. Loving the new headboard! Sorry that the time change was so rough on you guys! I was nervous about how Serena would do, but I read articles talking about preparing the little ones in the days leading up to the change. Each day, push back their bedtime about 15 minutes so it's a seamless change. I was pleasantly surprised it worked! She let us sleep in, but man I'm so not a fan of how dark it is so early now.
    Green Fashionista

  8. Love your new headboard! I so hate the time change. It's so depressing how dark it gets so early. Ella is so cute!!

  9. That new headboard is just lovely! I'm sorry the time change got you guys though. Usually it is SO hard with kiddos. Ours have been sick though, so they just wanted to sleep anyway - luckily enough! Happy Monday!

  10. I don't understand why daylight savings time is still a thing anymore. It is so silly and ruins everyone's schedule. My dog ruined my sleep as well. I love the headboard! Sounds like y'all had a great weekend.

  11. Girl, your weekend was super productive it sounds like!!! I laughed at the falling asleep while pumping, been there! haha That new headboard is soooo pretty!

  12. New headboard looks great!

    Puppies don't observe the time change either.

  13. I think I might be the only parent who has not cursed DST lol.

  14. I love the table decor from Target.
    Honestly, I thought the kids would be nice and tired today from the turning back the clocks...they were not.

  15. Ella is growing into such a beauty. Love her bundled up in her fuzzy bear coat!

  16. oh Ella looks too freaking cute in her bear coat!
    i don't think my target had much in the way of Hearth and Hand either, though i did grab some things online. love the table runner you got!

  17. We've been looking for table covers (runner, etc) and yours from Target is super cute!

    Nicole @ www.bentomomentos.wordpress.com

  18. I love the new headboard. It is soooo pretty. I still need to go to Target and check out the new collection. Yay for dinners with friends.


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