Dear Thursday...

Dear Thursday, it's been tough getting back into work mode after having 2 weeks off of work for Winter Break. Boy did I enjoy that time off with my girl, and MG for a good portion of it! Makes me wish even more that we could swing me being a SAHM for a little while, but it's just not in the cards right now.

Dear Weather, OH MY WORD it is COLD outside! And, I'm sorry, if it's going to be in the negatives with the wind chill, I want some freaking snow so that I can get off of work and be home with my baby! We have 13 snow days built in to our schedule (that we don't get back if we don't use them which is frustrating) so, it'd be nice if the school system took some pity on the poor kids who have to stand at bus stops and gave us a day off #justsayin

Dear Kindle, oh how I missed you, and am so glad that this Winter Break gave me a chance to get back to you again. I started reading Ready Player One and it's pretty good so far. I'm half way through and definitely want to try to rip through the rest of it this week/weekend. If I could just stop falling asleep on the couch at night....
Dear boobies, could you please start producing a little bit more milk? Between Ella eating more solid food, and being in a weird schedule over the last two weeks, plus basically solely pumping at work before break and now, my ladies don't know what's going on, and are decreasing their output a bunch. I'd like to make it to a year with breastfeeding (we're already supplementing with formula), but it may not be in the cards.

Dear Instant Pot, you are amazing! So far I've made 3 dishes in you (potato soup, chicken tikka masala, and spaghetti and meatsauce) and they've all been good if not great! I look forward to finding more delicious recipes to try out, even though you still intimidate me!

Dear Ella, when did you become such a big girl? Sitting up, attempting to crawl, drinking water out of a sippy cup without help? I love that you're growing up and turning into a little person, but don't do it too quickly, ok? Mama still needs her baby to stay a baby :)

Dear New Office Furniture, you were kind of a rollercoaster getting here (not sure what I was getting, last minute packing up of things I was told I was losing, etc), but it's turned out pretty nicely and now I have more storage (that looks nicer) than I did before. 

Dear 2018, I'm interested to see what you have to bring. Hopefully it's lots of good stuff!!

Dear blog friends, thanks for coming back around after my little hiatus! I missed you!!


  1. I LOVE my instant pot! I've used it almost everyday, haha!

  2. She is getting so big! But so darn cute. Girl it has been freezing here since Christmas and I am over it. I live in Texas for a reason.

  3. I am not a fan of the cold weather!!! Definitely not my favorite thing.

  4. This cold NEEDS to stop. I haven't used my Kindle in MONTHS but dug it out this month and I've missed it! I have so many books on there that I got Kindle deals for but I so rarely read on my Kindle! I think this month, I'm only going to read off of it to try to get some of those off my list!

  5. The weather everywhere is nuts! My pipes froze down here in usually balmy New Orleans! Hope you get a snow day! I brought out my kindle last night and it felt great!

  6. I've seen so many people with the instant pot lately, I'm intrigued!!


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