We had a lock down drill at my school on Monday morning (and then another school shooting on Tuesday, reminding us why these drills are necessary--which is ridiculous in and of itself, but I digress), and I had 3 kindergarten boys in my office during it. We sat quietly in the dark for a while, waiting for an administrator to come and unlock our door, or an announcement to be made that the drill was over. Neither of those came so after 15 minutes I called the office to ask and they said "oh yeah it's been over for about 10 minutes"...they also left a pregnant teacher in her classroom with her kids for 40 minutes before she called down to see, and they'd forgotten her too!

Ella basically slept almost the entire day on Tuesday. Probably 6 hours at daycare (not an exaggeration) and then she could NOT stay up until even 6pm that night, so we put her to bed early and she slept THE ENTIRE NIGHT! Getting over this virus must be a doozy!

MG and I listed our current dining room table and chairs on Craigslist and LetGo this weekend after purchasing our new set, not thinking about the fact that we don't even have a delivery date for our new set, and someone was interested in everything, so they're coming this weekend. I only thought about the fact that we're having friends over for dinner next weekend once we got the offer. So, dinner should be interesting when they come lol

My hoarding coworker at my second school emailed me last Thursday asking if I could "rearrange my schedule" to come and help her test a student whose testing AND report write up were basically due this week (these things can take 3-4 hours MINIMUM)! Never mind that almost every time I've seen her since before Winter Break (Wednesdays and Fridays), she's mentioned how she has to test this student, but all of a sudden need to drop everything and rearrange stuff to get this done for her ASAP?? I'm reminded of a saying (and wanted to send it to her)...
Can we talk for a second about being a sore winner? 
Philly fans are known to be "bad, crude" whatever. I don't lump them all in a group because, hello, humans are not all the same, just because they root for a team or whatever. I root for Philly when it's not my Skins (or Vikings) because my husband roots for them. But, goodness gracious I was dismayed and quite frankly disgusted to see the videos/reports of heinous fans throwing beer bottles and cans at the Coach buses taking the players/coaches to the airport after the game. Or the sign/yelling disrespectful idiots saying "F*ck Millie" carried around (about a 99 year old Viking fan who had gone to her first football game that night). I know a friend who was peed on by a Philly fan because she was wearing the opposing team's jersey, and this seemed to be the norm rather than the exception.
Since when did rooting for a bunch of guys in ONE SHIRT, equate to losing all sense of human decency??? This is not just directed at Philly because, let's be real, there are A-holes everywhere, but just the most recent display of it. 
Our friend was on one of those buses getting things hurled at them....for LOSING. Our friend has 3 kids at home, a wife, a mom and dad and brothers. Would you want ANYONE you know treated like that? For something as small and insignificant as a FOOTBALL game?
We need to get our priorities right, America. I mean, really...It makes me sick.

Ok, after that seriousness, here are some funnies to lighten the mood:
{via} this is basically how I feel every night trying to find foods that Ella 1) can eat, and 2) can feed herself without choking, 3) that she likes for more than a few bites and 4) is healthy
One more day until the weekend!!!!


  1. I came down with a nasty cold a week ago, finally went in on Tuesday to find out I hadve pneumonia. Today I woke up and feel amazing!! I haven't been that sick in probably 20 years, this season is a doozy!

    Living in Mn and being a Viking fan, I was horrified also, I had two friends who were at that game and had those things happen to them, so awful. I am hoping that we will show them Mn Nice when they come and not retaliate, ugh.

  2. How do they not announce when the drill is over??? Isn’t that, like, in the procedures of a lockdown? (I thought my school was bad...)

  3. Girl baby feeding is hard at that age. E lived off of ground turkey, chicken meatballs and fruit all the fruit. Hoping Ella gets to feeling better but man the sleep sounds great, i wish i could get all that sleep.

  4. Glue stick instead of chapstick... brilliant and totally necessary for some people!!!! BAHAHA!! XOXO, R

  5. Ugh to lockdowns and hoarders and badly behaving fans! I do not understand this and many things now that I am older!

  6. I don't wish violence anywhere, but man I wish people had as much passion about really important shit as they do about sports.

    I was fucking furious to see videos of a bunch of white kids rocketing full cans of beer at people, and then to see people online excusing their behavior. I'm sorry, no. Put literally ANY other variable into the situation and we'd be burning them at the stake.

  7. Haha that last e-card is the best and it's so true!

  8. Philly girl over here and trust me, a lot of us are just as furious about that behavior. It's embarrassing and I'm sad to call myself a fan some days - and people try to justify that it "happens in every city" (which, sure, there are plenty of news articles to back that up) BUT THAT DOESNT MAKE IT OK.

    Anyway, please know that the normal Philly people apologize for the drunk idiots and hopefully our traveling fans behave themselves in your fine city :)


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