February First {Finally!!!!!}

Anyone else feel like January lasted about 10 months?? Usually I feel like things go by quickly, but January seemed to DRAAAAAAAAGGGG!

Let's get into some stuff:

~I confronted the teacher at my school who I heard was talking crap about me. She basically didn't apologize but said "You're right, I should come and talk to you when I have a concern" and then tried to spin it as a "we should collaborate more"...but I called her to task about saying I don't do my job and she adamantly said "Oh NO, I KNOW you work hard and are so busy!" Then why are you talking otherwise behind my back lady?? I see you.

~Ironically enough, the same woman did not remember literally handing me her student in the hallway yesterday so that I could test him, and then 20 minutes later, all of the admin in my building along with 3-4 other teachers were running around frantically looking for him before she remembered he was with me, and she had handed him over to me. #yesyoureadthatright #butimtheonewhodoesntdomyjob

~more photos of the love at daycare make my day. Enjoy this dose of cuteness:
~the other day MG came home from work with a sample of fudge that his coworker and kids had made. It was something like s'mores fudge and it was Out. Of. This. World. Apparently the guy said that he didn't feel like it was "firm enough"...meanwhile I'm like "I'll taste test the next batch for you" lol

~Anyone feel like this guy during the State of the Union?:
If you care at all about the facts from the SOTU, click here.

~Why can I drink a Diet Coke about 15 times faster than I can water? 

~Who here watches Married At First Sight?? I need someone to dish about this show with.

~On the tv show front....I CAN NOT with Krystal on Bachelor anymore. She's SO freaking annoying. I loved Bekka's impression of her though. #snarky and I also loved that Arie talked to her like a parent. Hilarious.

Peace out, Thursday!


  1. I'm glad you confronted that teacher!! I'm sure you feel better about it too! My mom makes really good fudge but she's so critical of herself too so I'm like, "I'll eat anything that you don't think turns out right!" haha!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. The drinking diet coke 15 min faster than water made me laugh out loud in my office! I hope that you and that other teacher come to a civil place. It's not fun to have someone at work that you can't tolerate.

  3. Ella's boyfriend is just too much! He is smitten.

  4. I'll taste test "reject" fudge any day!! A very important job and SOMEONE has to do it!! :)

  5. Should I be watching Married at First Sight?! I'm always so intrigued!!!

  6. That school drama is so silly; I glad you confronted her, but what drama!

    We also watch the SOTU-mostly because we wanted to make sure we could fill out the bling card my sister made us-priorities!!


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