{WHW}: Iggles, Ickies, and Cancellations

Sorry for the delayed weekend recap (although lately it seems like Wednesdays are my go-to recapping day), but Ella came down with a cold from daycare and, you guessed it, Sunday it took me down. Luckily it's just a head cold but it's still been wearing me down.

This weekend got a little off track from our original plans, but it was still a pretty decent weekend overall.

~Friday night we went out for Mexican food. Ella enjoyed puffs, puree and part of my burrito (this girl WILL like Mexican food)
She was VERY curious about all of the goings on around her--we have to work on her eavesdropping skills being more covert, though :)

~At the end of dinner, an older gentleman commented on "him" (Ella)...which prompted me to buy some more headbands to put on Ella when we go out.

~Saturday our girl woke up with a runny nose that literally would not stop!

~Our dining room set was delivered during nap time, and our girl slept through the drilling of the legs being put together--praise! The table is awesome and the chairs are SO comfy! Definitely more conducive to lingering after dinner for chats than our old table and chairs were.
And now we're talking about what we're going to paint the dining room because it's kind of "blah" now
~We'd had plans to have our friends over for dinner, but they got the weekends confused and ended up being out of town, so we made plans for another weekend and MG decided to try his hand at a recipe from Chrissy Teigen's Cravings cookbook and it came out SO good (minus the few burned spots on top)
Bakes Pasta Alla Norma with Mozzarella Bombs (if you don't like heat, leave out the red pepper flakes. We did half of what the recipe calls for, and I don't mind heat, and it was on the border of too spicy)

~Baby clothes arrived and I just revel at the fact that she's going to fit into 18 month clothes before I know it.
~Saturday night also brought a health scare with my FIL. We got a call that he was having chest pains and an ambulance had come. He stayed overnight and everything looked good, so we're hoping it was just a new med and/or a really bad muscle strain. Definitely was an uneasy evening though (and maybe a good thing we didn't end up having company over)

~Ella had a ROUGH time getting to bed Saturday night but thanks to Motrin and lots of snuggles, we got her down and she slept through the night.

~Sunday MG ran errands and talked with a listing agent about putting our condo on the market in the coming months, so we'll see what happens with that.

~Ella discovered a super cute baby in the mirror and had a grand time touching and kissing that cute baby for a solid 30 minutes or more lol
~Ella's cold hit me Sunday mid morning and just got worse into the afternoon. She wouldn't nap without being held so I held her, while fighting a dripping nose and my throat being on fire. I felt miserable and Ella woke up before she really should have so she was cranky. Due to all of this, MG canceled his plans to go and watch the Eagles game with friends.

~We made food at home, dealt with a fussy baby for bedtime again (but thankfully she eventually went down and got a solid night of sleep again), and we settled in to watch the Eagles's first Superbowl win! My husband's family were all group texting during the game which was really fun, too!

So, basically all of our set plans for the weekend kind of went up in flames, but such is the life of having kids, especially when they're sick (and you're sick). 

Hoping you've been spared from the germs! 
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  1. I have that cookbook but haven't tried that recipe yet - glad it was a winner! Hope everyone is feeling better now! Biana | BlovedBoston

  2. I'm obsessed with the Cravings cookbook but haven't tried that recipe yet--it looks good even with the few burnt spots! Love your dining room set! It's going to make entertaining so much more fun!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  3. So glad your FIL is ok, but how scary!! I need Chrissy's cookbook, I only hear good things! Oh my goodness how cute is Ella looking at herself in the mirror?! Glad you guys are feeling better, can winter be over now!?

  4. Hope everyone is feeling better! The dining room table looks like it fits nicely in that space!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  5. aw i'm sorry the weekend was a bit nuts with sickness. and your poor FIL i'm sorry girly! that must have been super scary. on the plus side your girl looks like she fits right in at the mexican restaurant and that table is super cute! good work! hope the rest of the week is good for you :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. I hope you and Ella are on the mend and that MG stays healthy. Winter sucks for babies. Does Ella like guacamole? E would eat the heck out of it at a baby but now its green and she won;t touch it.

  7. The comment about "him" resonates... except it usually comes when Shelby is dressed in ALL pink playing with a PINK turtle... uh... context clues much?! Glad your FIL seems to be okay (continued prayers) and hope everyone is runny nose free asap! XOXO, R

  8. I love your new dining room table. It is pretty! Loving all the cute clothes you got Ella. She is such a doll. I am sorry you have been sick. I have been as well. ugh. So thankful it wasn't scarier with your FIL. Hopefully it is just a muscle strain. I hope you are having a great week!

  9. I love your new dining room furniture! It's so pretty! I hope y'all get to feeling better soon!

  10. I am quickly learning to not make as many plans and just go with the flow because our plans rarely go aw planned ha! Love that Ella likes Mexican food!

  11. Old people always called babies the wrong gender. I was out with my SIL and her daughter and someone asked us "is it a boy or a girl?" Ugh. LOL about the mirror! That is just so cute! I can't even. Yay for your new dining set! Super cute. Can't wait to here more about your possible move...

  12. Ugh I still get people calling E a boy and it drives me crazy! Especially since she has long hair haha.

  13. Don't love the runny nose or the FIL scare but I do love the table and those sweet summery clothes! I had to do the same thing with Andi when she was younger - buy ALL the headbands and bows bc she didn't have a lot of hair!

  14. I need to get that cookbook. MMM Mexican, you are training her well! So sorry the sickies are around, this time of year is just the worst with that. Love the new dining set!

  15. Your dining room set looks awesome!

    I prefer some burnt pieces on top of my awesome cheesey pasta dishes so that looks perfect to me.

    I hope your FIL is okay!


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