Weekly Wins: First of March

Happy Happy Friday, lovies!
We made it to another week's end and the start of another month! Crazy how quickly February flew by, but we're in my birthday month which is exciting!

There have been several wins this week, so let's talk about 'em!

~Ella got into the church preschool/daycare by our house--MG was a stellar dad and went and waited in line for the sign up yesterday morning. I'm still having all kinds of feels about it, but am praying on it, and trying to "go with the flow" with the knowledge that we can always go somewhere else if it just doesn't work out. It seems like a really loving environment, though, so I'm  trying to focus on that instead of all of my worries. #easiersaidthandone

~Little Miss is 10 months old today!!! (basing this off of if February had 30 days). How we have a 10 month old is beyond me.
Some highlights from the past month:
Ella started crawling, says "mama", has an appetite of a hungry horse, can sit herself up now (and has done so several times in her crib--perhaps not a highlight), got her first tooth, and is standing up/taking steps with support! 

~Ella at the table with the "big kids" at daycare. And her "best good friend" who moves his chair next to her at each meal so he can be close to her. Heart melting...
(pardon the watermarks--I'm just super cognizant of creepers out there after a friend's experience with a psycho stealing her kids' photos on her blog)

~We have dinner plans at our friends' house tonight with 3 other couple friends. They're using their new smoker for dinner, and we're all bringing sides and apps. I love this group of girls, and the guys get along so well, so it'll be a nice little night out for us.

~Found an insanely delicious looking recipe for brussel sprouts that I'll be bringing tonight. I'm drooling just looking at the pic from Pinterest:
~Nice weather twice this week allowing for some family walks. I'm pumped for Spring so we can get out and about more! These warm days have me craving Spring!

What are some wins for you this week??


  1. SO exciting about Ella getting in to daycare!! She'll do great (and you will too!!!!). That brussel sprout recipe looks amazing!!!! XOXO, R

  2. Oh goodness, those brussels sprouts do look delicious. Yum!

  3. She is getting cuter by the month. Enjoy dinner, I miss group dates with friends. yay birthday month!

  4. Happy 10 months, Ella! Alice just had her 6 month appointment today--how are they growing up so fast?!

  5. Obviously being able to have Ella at a home with someone you know is awesome but her being at daycare will be good too :) Prayers that it will all work out just fine and you know they will just LOVE her to pieces!!

  6. Yum, those Brussels Sprouts look amazing! I’m so glad she got into the church preschool. I know it’s so hard to find a great school that you love, so praying for you that you’ll find peace and that this is the place for Ella. :)

  7. Yay on getting into the day care. It sounds like the one my sisters' kids and my boyfriend's kids all went to, a loving little Methodist preschool that treats them like gold and teaches them so much. I hope it is an easy transition. Um, drooling over those brussels sprouts! Have fun at the dinner party!

  8. Yes to aaaallll the watermarks! I'm right there with ya, Momma!

  9. The brussels look awesome. Report back on those!

    I'm glad she got into a new place close to home.

  10. How awesome that she got in!!! :)

  11. Oh let us know how the brussels sprouts recipe is. It looks really good. Look at how grown up Ella looks at the table!

  12. Oh my word, how cute is Ella at that table with the other kiddos?! And that recipe might actually make eat and enjoy Brussels sprouts!!


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