{WHW}: Spring Break Edition

Happy Wednesday! Sorry for my absence this week, but I've been on Spring Break and my days are filled with playing, singing silly songs, being a human jungle gym and walking support, reading, play dates and enjoying my girl!
I may not be back again until Friday, so pardon my absence!
This past weekend we got into some fun stuff, but it was a pretty low key weekend overall which was the perfect way to ease out of the work week.

~Had a nice phone chat/catch up with Brittany on the drive home 

~Friday night we went to dinner at City Kitchen as a family
~Started watching Poldark after Ella went to bed. I remembered Brittany recommending it and watching only part of the first episode (I think we got sidetracked with something else at the time) and forgot about it. My coworkers mentioned it right before break so we started it again and it has NOT disappointed! Definitely enjoying this show and recommend it for people who like period pieces!

~Saturday my Old Navy haul arrived and I think it's clear that I have a problem, and Ella has an insanely cute wardrobe.
Also, this was the top that started it all, and I inadvertently ordered the same shirt for myself, so guess who is gonna be twinning her mama this summer!

~Our weather here has been warming up slowly (sort of), and when the sun is out, it's not unbearably cold, so we kept the doors open for the extra sunshine, which apparently is entertainment for a baby and a dog
~Saturday we ran errands to Costco and picked up a beach umbrella and canopy for our 2 week long vacay. Ella's gonna be the cutest beach babe 

~Signed Ella up for swim lessons starting in May! 

~Sunday we met up for lunch with our couple besties who are expecting their little girl in June. No pictures were taken because we had an animal baby at the table who needed tending to hahah

~Sunday early evening I got a much needed massage while MG took care of baby and dinner time. My massage therapist worked the hell out of some knots in my back and I was like jello afterwards!
~Picked up Thai food for dinner on the way home for MG and I, and then got in some play time with these two before bath and bedtime!
~Watched more Poldark before heading to bed ourselves.

Any weekend that involves a massage get an A in my book! Hoping your weekend and the start of your week has been easy peasy!
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  1. So glad you and Ella are having the BEST time on SB!!

  2. Sounds like the best weekend/week ever. We are headed up to your neck of the woods this weekend, so I might hit you up for suggestions of new places to try if our old favorites are busy.

  3. Loved our chat -- and all of those clothes for you and Ella! :) Enjoy every minute of Spring Break! xo

  4. Eeeeeeeeeeeeek her clothes!!!!! Is it weird I would wear all of that?! LOL

  5. Buying kids close is the most fun! I need a massage so badly....I need to just have a regularly scheduled appt. Happy Wednesday!

  6. I am sucker for kids clothes. And old navy and kohls are my jam. E has that same unicorn shirt. I miss being able to put her in what i liked and now what she wants.... Hope you are enjoying spring break and Ella cuddles and Cooper cuddles. I love that her and Coop seem to get along.

  7. You guys are going to look so cute in your matching shirts! Adorable! And how precious is her little diaper bottom going to be in those shorts?!

  8. oh you've been having a blast girl! love it. that pic of ella and your pup looking outside is too cute. enjoy your time off!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  9. Love that last pic!

    Old Navy is awesome for kid clothes, I buy so much for my niece and nephew there.

  10. oh my word those fruit print shorts I adore!!!

  11. Enjoy the time off!!!! Much deserved!!!

  12. Yes for a massage and thai food. Some of my favorites. Have the best time on Spring Break. I want to twin with my girls. I totally need those tops.

  13. I am terrible when it comes to buying clothes for E haha! Her wardrobe is better than mine.

  14. I'm glad you're enjoying your spring break! Love the clothes you got for Ella!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  15. OMG all the ON outfits!! They are one of my favorite places for Olivia! I hope you enjoyed your spring break! I'm so behind on reading since we were gone last week!


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