Thursday Letters+Girl Chat

Dear Barbara Bush, Thank you for being a role model during your time as First Lady and since. I love the love that you and your husband had for one another--your story touched my heart. Your wisdom and passion will continue to live on, and you will surely be missed for a long time to come.
Dear Spring, would you hurry up and get here already? Stop pussy footing one day, gone for the next 10. What gives????

Dear Sciatica, you've never given me problems in the past, but now all of a sudden you wanna be a butthead (pun intended haha)? I have a bruise on my butt from where the massage therapist tried to work you out and said you're "hard as a rock"...please go away!

Dear d*ckweed who decided to ride my bumper for 5 minutes and then 3 other cars after you passed me, ummm you're an a-hole. And guess what? You got to your destination about 10 seconds before I did. Well done.

Dear girl time, I'm so looking forward to time with my girls on Friday evening in celebration of my friend Kelly's bday! Drinks and apps with the girls is always welcome!

Dear Amazon (and Prime), Thank you for your 2 day delivery--you've saved my butt on last minute presents more times than I can count. And also, thanks for your sale on My Year with Eleanor, a book I've been wanting to read for a while. Just gotta get through my current read!

Dear Ella-bear, you're walking (if you didn't see the cute video on my Instagram, check it out)! Like, letting go of furniture and taking several steps before falling, walking! Everyone says this is a game changer (and likely it is), but I'm just reveling at how motivated you are, and your perseverance! This also reminds me that, although you'll always be my baby, you're not a full fledged baby anymore #insertwaterworkshere
Yes those are cheerios stuck to her butt bahahaha
Dear Girl Chat, you asked for some guilty pleasures and I'm guessing many of these are no surprise to anyone who reads here regularly:
~Reality tv, usually of the Bravo variety--duh
~Sour Patch Kids--been majorly obsessed since after giving birth. No idea why other than my limited sugar and carb intake during the last trimester maybe?
~Loft sales--they get me 80% of the time!
~Cheese. Basically any and all cheese
~Rom-Com's....The Holiday, Serendipity, About Time, I will always put these on when I see them on tv
~Opening up the sunroof on a nice Spring day (normal Spring, not winter-spring like we have now)
~Splitting a bottle of wine with MG. Bonus points if it's outside with nice weather.

I'm sure there are more, but those are some of my staple guilty pleasures :) 
Linking up with the girls from Girl Chat today!


  1. You know we both love our bravo reality tv! And people who ride bumpers really get on my nerves--such bullying ha! If someone does that to me, I'm a jerk back and slow down big time haha!!! Have a great day!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  2. I love that quote by Barbara, an old co-worker told me something very similar after deciding to quit and stay home and it has always stuck with me. That's so funny about Sour Patch kids, that became with Starbursts after Brayden was born but it has slowly faded away to dark chocolate sea salt caramels lol

  3. Amen to this post...all of it! And already purchased from the Loft sale this time. Hahah oops!

  4. I love the Holiday and can practically quote the whole movie!! I love Bravo too- I like the Vanderpump rules show :)
    - Shannon

  5. Oh my word-- love the cheerio butt!! And love your use of d*ckweed!!!! BAHAHA

  6. Walking!!! I totally love it! Is it sad or oh so right that I knew just about all your guilty pleasures? Love you.

  7. Love all the quotes I have been seeing from Barbara Bush. I love sour patch kids too. I need to grab a bag for my trip home. Yes to all the Loft sales too.

  8. Man I love sour patch kids.

    I miss the days when someone from a different political party wasn't inhuman, just had different thoughts on things.

  9. Yes to all of those guilty pleasures! And I LOVE Sour Patch Kids. I think Jacob and I could kill a whole bag in five minutes flat. So so good.

  10. Gahh --- I was so, so sad about Barbara Bush this week :(

  11. What a fun post! I love it! Life has changed for me ever since Amazon Prime became a thing!!

  12. Ugh sciatica is the worst! I hope it goes away!


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