Weekending (Late): Easter Edition

I'm recapping our weekend a day late, which is pretty much my norm lately anyway, but I had my TBB Asks post yesterday. If you missed it, check it out!

This weekend was a lot of fun and seriously flew by!

The highlights included:

~My one SIL, youngest niece and MIL getting into town late Thursday night, and staying up much later than we should have!

~A low key, fun morning all together, then meeting MG for lunch since he'd taken a half day. Followed that up with a trip to Mount Vernon since my SIL and niece had never been. The weather started off suuuuper warm and nice and then clouds and wind rolled in, so this smart girl with her short sleeves was a liiiiiiittle chilly.
Ella giving Martha Washington the side eye--especially when she told us that 18 month olds used to be put into corsets!
~MG and Ella left after about an hour and a half since it was chilly, starting to rain, and Ella needed to get down for a nap, while the rest of us stayed and toured George Washington's house, and the museum afterwards before heading home.
~Went out to dinner at Clyde's that night and Ella was a riot! She ate probably a grown man's portion of food (I don't know how!) and was begging for french fries (squealing with her little fists all tight). It was hilarious! The whole meal was delicious and we had so many laughs that by the end of it, we were all saying how our faces hurt!

~Put little miss to bed once we got home, and then rented Jumanji which all of us had already seen with the exception of MG. It was still hilarious the second time around!

~Saturday morning Ella slept in a little bit and apparently all of that extra energy encouraged her to start dancing anytime she hears music. If you saw my instastory, you saw our girl getting down with her bad self. Now, she wiggles to any music that she hears which is freaking adorable.
~Everyone left mid morning to head back home and MG and I ran some errands with Ella and then went for a family walk since the weather was nice. A low key pizza night in for dinner was perfection to wrap up the day.

~MG and I binged some more on Poldark (Obsessed!!)

~Sunday morning was Ella's first Easter. She had her first little Easter basket of things, and enjoyed pulling everything out of the basket haha.

~Ella happily represented some Easter bunny ears (for the photos before pulling them off), and there are about 6 different photos that were all too adorable for words:
this one ranks up there with the reindeer antlers from Christmas--I can't help but smile when I look at it :)
~That afternoon my mom came and our neighborhood had a little Easter egg hunt for the kids, that we went to. Ella found her two eggs and was happily content to sit and put them in her mouth while the other kids ran around collecting the rest. 
~MG made Creamy Shells and Beef  in the InstantPot for dinner, which was delicious.

~Ella spent some more time with my mom before bedtime and then my mom headed home too.

~More Poldark was watched and then we wound down for the evening before gearing up to head back to work this week.

I have to say, the past week, especially this weekend, Ella's little personality has just been coming out more and more and it's so fun to see. She's so interactive with other people, and the dancing is just the cutest thing ever. As busy as she was last week, and it was tiring, I miss being at home with her and seeing that personality blossom every day!
Hoping your weekend and Easter, if you celebrate, was awesome too!


  1. I just want to eat her up! She is super cute. Loving my instantpot so excited to try your recipes. I am so glad she had a great first easter.

  2. Aww- her little Easter basket was so cute! And the ears!!! LOVE!! Glad you had a nice weekend! XOXO, R

  3. What a great weekend with family! She is too cute in her bunny ears for her first easter. Aw I bet all of her little personality traits are just adorable!

  4. I can't get over how cute she is!!! And what is Poldark???

  5. I died laughing at her dancing! It was so cute!

  6. Seeing their personalities shine through is the absolute best!

  7. Oh Ella is just the cutest in those bunny ears! Looks like she had a great first Easter!

  8. omg that little personality! she's a doll. that first photo is so lovely too. and that pic with the bunny ears! i'm glad you had a good weekend :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  9. I love all the photos of Ella's first Easter. Just sooo darling. I can't believe she is almost 1. What a great weekend with special memories. I LOVE your pink shirt. It is the perfect shade. have the best week!

  10. Love baby Ella wearing her bunny ears! Sounds like a fun-filled weekend with family and Easter celebrations. I got a chuckle at Ella side-eyeing Martha Washington especially after she said 18-month olds were put in corsets! What the what? lol Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  11. That picture of the three of you is so perfect! You need to frame it!


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