Quick Tuesday Check-In

Hey you guys, just checking in quick today--Happy first day of May! 

I'm still trying to get myself together after the whirlwind birthday weekend up in PA/NJ last weekend for Ella. Pics of the festivities coming tomorrow, but here's a sneak peak in the meantime:
Meanwhile, the weather decided to be Spring for about 5 seconds, then back into the 50s and now this week we're supposed to be in the upper 80s. 
Hey Spring, nice of you to finally show up for a minute and then let Summer run you over!

Luckily, one of Ella's birthday presents was a water table from my sisters-in-law, so that's going to get lots of use this week already!

On the agenda for this week:
~Start my new book (On the Jellicoe Road)
~make it through 3 IEP meetings, and plan for one more next week
~schedule 2 IEP meetings for the month
~try not to sweat my brains out with the incoming heat wave
~make it through Ella's 1 year doc appt and shots (eep!)
~Start a game plan for how to introduce real milk and start bottle weaning --any advice on this from moms...send it my way!
~prep for friend's bachelorette party this weekend

What's on your agenda this week?
I'll catch you all tomorrow!


  1. 1st birthdays are always such a special time! I had two babies who switched to whole milk with zero issues and two who pretty much gave up milk once I moved them over. One thing I did try with the two who were bottle drinkers was mixing 1/2 formula and 1/2 milk for a bit. It seemed to help them transition. It's been a really, really long time. :)

  2. We made the whole milk switch easy peasy. First we went to whole milk (gradually over the course of the week) and now (this week) we are going to sippy cup for everything but bedtime. Bedtime... we'll figure that out another time! :) Good luck at her 1 year appointment!! XOXO, R

  3. We introduced whole milk a little each day for a week and then bam done. And we just did the sippy cup and called it a day. I cannot believe she is 1.

  4. Bowen's poor tummy couldn't tolerate whole milk so I am no help there but the transition from bottle to sippy cup was very easy because I used the Nuk sippy cups that have the soft little spout/nipple deal. https://www.buybuybaby.com/store/product/nuk-reg-10-oz-jungle-designs-large-learner-cup-in-blue-green/1044451080?skuId=44451080&mcid=PS_googlepla_nonbrand_feeding_online&product_id=44451080&product_channel=online&adtype=pla&adpos=1o3&creative=263213775490&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&mrkgadid=3100681060&mrkgcl=611&rkg_id=h-697b7f6a3d2f151949ea848249977618_t-1525179444&gclid=CjwKCAjwoKDXBRAAEiwA4xnqvyeh1Oet4FRAmvJrSqZOCa2w4gnjUOOo-da4ykwvN9Ja13algx98sRoC6pAQAvD_BwE

  5. I always introduced whole milk by replacing one feeding for a couple days, 2 feedings a couple days and so on. All did fine and only took a couple weeks. After that was transitioned, we just gave them a sippy and good to go but I still did a bottle at bedtime for awhile as it’s comforting at bedtime for a few more months. Cannot wait to see the celebration photos!

  6. I cant wait to hear more about her birthday party!! I'm so happy for warmer weather!!

  7. My sister just took away the bottles from her one year old and replaced with a sippy cup. She cried her eyes out for a day or two but then she was just fine. Cold turkey and patience are usually two good tools for anything like that I say. Good luck!

  8. At what point did it become not okay to eat cake by the handful? Because I really think Ella is doing it right! By the way, finale of MAFS tonight!

  9. Awww she looks so cute!!! :) That's a happy girl

  10. so many good things! so funny it skipped right over to summer, classic northeast. that photo is so cute - cant wait to see more!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  11. Lots of stuff going on this week. Love the cute birthday Ella picture.


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