Weekly Wins: MDW

Happy Friday, before a long weekend, friends! How it's already Memorial Day Weekend, I have NO idea, but I'm welcoming the long weekend with open arms!

This week was really busy at work, and likely will be until the end of the school year (3 weeks!) due to all of the last minute things that pop up, etc. I just got signed off to test a student that I'm supposed to have 30 days to test, and I have 10 so there's that...

Despite that and the busy-ness, there are some wins this week:

~Old navy sales/cute clothes, which I talked about on Wednesday
~MG and I both took off work today and headed up to PA last night since our daycare person couldn't watch Ella today. We figured we'd just get in some extra time with the family since we were coming up for our niece's graduation party (which is looking like it may get rained out--huuuuuge bummer!)
Extra long weekend for us, with some added family time, and I'm not sad about it in the slightest.

~Gorgeous temps, with no or very low humidity days/evenings, allowing for after dinner walks this week. Not a bad way to spend family time, and working off the dinner calories

~Lots of compliments on my haircut this week--always a nice feeling :)
Also, this girl also loves seeing herself on a phone screen--which likely means trouble in the future but it's cute now!
~Our home inspection of the condo came back and there were only some minor things that they requested, so hopefully we are past that potential hurdle in this whole selling process

Before I go, I wanted to send out a happy birthday wish to my friend Bree AND to her son who turns one today (yes, he was born ON her birthday last year). Hoping you both have a special day and weekend to celebrate together!! Love you!
A throwback to my favorite photo of us from our single days many many moons ago! :)
Happy MDW, everyone! Enjoy your hotdogs/hamburgers and patriotism!!


  1. Love your haircut! Have the best weekend with the family :-)

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  2. Happy long weekend with your beautiful family! Enjoy!

  3. Have so much fun with the fam!!

  4. Enjoy the long weekend!! Rain rain go away!!! XOXO, R

  5. Hooray for the end of the school year! Happy Memorial day weekend!

  6. Wait did I miss that you sold your place? So sorry. Yay! Yay for small issues.

    What day is your niece's party, Sunday?

  7. Enjoy your long weekend. So glad the inspection went well!

  8. Your new haircut looks great! I hope all is progressing well with your house sale. Super cute pic of you and your pal - you can tell you are such great friends :)


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