{WHW}: Catching Up

Ahhh it's been a busy week already which is why I've been MIA and I feel like I barely had time to pull a post together for today even, but I'm here!
A quick run-down of recent happenings:

~Ella had her second swim lesson this past weekend and this time I was the "parent in the pool". It was actually really cute and fun, but also really exhausting! Especially the part where we passed the babies around the circle of parents--talk about the pressure! Our girl did great though and I think we're accomplishing our goal of getting her comfortable being in the water.
~MG was on-call for work this weekend and got called in Friday night and Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoon's happened to be during my "mom time out" which cut that short which was a huge bummer, but probably a good thing because I was already doing damage at Target with these purchases:
This shirt was $12 and is the softest thing ever!
I'm seriously obsessed with these sunnies!! And for $16, I couldn't resist!
plus these flats (so cute and comfy!)
 and another pair of sunglasses (the exact same pair) to replace the pair I have that got totally scratched.

~Friday after MG's trip into work, he went over to the condo to get some things fixed and straightened up before our open house the next day. Our tenant had left to go back to his mom's, and had told us that he'd cleaned etc. If that was the case, MG wouldn't have had to spend an HOUR AND A HALF scrubbing the tiles of the bathroom shower before actually getting to work on what he'd planned to go there for. This guy is "supposedly" a friend to us which is annoying that he'd keep things like this. 
In addition to that, he also told MG that we could keep the retractable make up mirror he has installed (that MG had to do FOR him 3 years ago when the guy attempted to put it up with picture nails--eye roll--), and said that it was $20 on Amazon and he'd just take it out of his rent. Umm, no sir. When I heard that I was livid--who does that in general, but especially to people who you consider a friend?? And also, how freaking cheap can you be? It's taking everything in me not to go off on this guy when I see him at work.

~Minus the snafu with not being able to spend the full time out on my own on Mother's Day, it was still a nice day. MG got me some treats, his dad had sent me flowers, and Ella was extra snuggly in the afternoon which melted this mama heart!
If you follow me on instagram, you saw the video of her excitement when I run into a room. I die :)

~Saturday we were able to meet up with our friends that we met at the pumpkin patch at a new-to-us spot right near the water in Old Town, where we could see the planes taking off. Unfortunately it was super hot outside, so it got uncomfortable after a little while, but the parents enjoyed burgers and beers and the kids had their meals, and then had fun running around on the deck and watching the people and planes. So glad we were finally able to meet up with these guys again and definitely plan on doing it again soon!
I'm so over these stupid baby hairs that are growing back after losing all of the hair post partum!
~Knockout rose bushes are insane! We planted these guys two years ago and this year they are seriously taking off with blooms!! They're even bigger today than they were when I snapped that photo on Sunday! If you're in the market for something that's easy to maintain--these are it!
~We've been having super heavy rain storms here the last few nights, and Sunday night Ella woke up from the thunder, crying. I ran in there, scooped her up and she snuggled right into my neck and went back to sleep. I spent a good 10 minutes just holding her, rubbing her back, and soaking in how wonderful it is that I was all that she needed. Mom'ing is hard...but moments like that make it SO worthwhile!

Thanks for letting me do a quick catch up of the main happenings lately!
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  1. Whew, parent in the pool does sound like a job and I bet you were great at it! LOVE the sunnies and sweet Ella laying her heart onto chair!

  2. Those flowers are beautiful! That picture of Ella laying in her chair is so sweet! :)

  3. ugh that is so redic about the condo situation. i swear i'll never understand how people can take advantage of others over things like that. but i'm glad you had a good mothers day over all and how can one resist that sweet face! also those target finds - awesome!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. I hope Ella loves swimming as much as E does. I loved being in the water with her. Cannot believe the friend... seriously? Ugh. But the rest of your mother's day sounds divine.

  5. I can definitely see the frustration with that renter - it'll be nice when you guys are done with him! Yay for Ella being a little swimmer! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Hope the open house went well-- that would be a lovely consolation prize for all the frustration you've been caused! Love that you go to target when you're alone-- I would not be trusted there alone without kids/husband!! XOXO, R

  7. ooo that tee is super cute! LOVE that she's enjoying swim lessons - Miss A starts her second round soon! I'm heading to IG to check out that video :)

  8. I'm so glad that Ella is doing well with her lessons. Both of our kids screamed their heads off at their first lessons so it sounds like she's doing great!

  9. I would be soooo mad at that tenant too. And a friend. What a jerk. Ugh. We really need to get my girls into swim lessons too. I wish we had earlier on like you are with Ella because I think they might get scared if we are around them. Might need the grandparents to take them.

  10. That's great she's doing well with swim lessons - just in time for summer! Tatum loves the pool too. Glad you still had a good Mother's Day even with him being called into work.

  11. I have some knock out roses and just love them. Sorry to hear about your tenant...what a pain! Have a great week!

  12. Those flats are so cute! Ugh to the tenant, that stinks! Gives us renters (I am one) a bad name! I am glad to know about the knockout roses, I planted a bush of them this year!

  13. Those shoes are so cute!! And that's so annoying about the renter!

  14. That tee does look super soft, and yay for swim lessons! We reallllllly need to get on that for Serena <3
    Green Fashionista

  15. I'm so glad that she is getting comfortable in the water!


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