TBB Asks: Summer Lovin'

1. Walk or Bike Ride? Walking especially family walks--one of my favorites. It's also been so long since I rode a bike, I'm pretty sure it would be a comical experience

2. Favorite Picnic Food? Cheese....and fruit--especially the liquid variety! haha

3. Pool or Lake? I like the lake, as long as it's warm. But I'll also take the pool.
Deep Creek, MD 2016
Lake Anna, VA 2017
4. Favorite Flavor of ice cream? Mint Chocolate Chip, hands down.

5. Ice Cream Cone or in a Dish? Cone!

6. Flip Flops or Slides? Flip Flops

7. Jean Shorts or Jean Capris? Jean shorts; I hate the feeling of being hot/sweaty and wearing jeans

8. Favorite summer Fruit? Watermelon

9. Corn on the Cob or Cut Off the Cob? I prefer off the cob so I don't have to pick everything out of my teeth afterwards, but really, if it's grilled, I'll eat it either way.

10. Favorite summertime song? Going Back to Cali by Notorious B.I.G.--it reminds me of driving around with my friend Bree, with the windows down, rapping at the top of our lungs, totally carefree and laughing at our own silliness

11. Favorite summertime activity? Not going to work haha; I love our annual beach vacay to the shore also.

12. Favorite Berry? Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry or Blackberry? Blueberries

13. Bikini’s, tankini’s or one pieces? Bikinis still

14. Dresses or Skirts? Dresses
15. One Word to describe Summer? Relaxation


  1. ooh I have that last ON dress and love it! Yes to cheeses, lots of cheese!! So happy when you do the TBB asks wiht us, LOVE reading your answers! Happy Monday and I love that your favorite activity is NOT going to work!! YAY!

  2. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite and considering I would fall off a bike - I'm all for leisurely walks! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. We are very similar! I also like my fruit liquid haha!!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip and I *love* watermelon in the summer, too! :)

  5. omg that song YES that is summer. i love it. and grapes all day. liquid! and i walk too - i cannot bike to save my life. ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. Oh I love me some mint chocolate chip ice cream!! Oh grilled corn, so yummie.

  7. We are very alike lady, love a good dress.

  8. I agree with the fruit of liquid variety loll Always have to have summer ice cream in a cone right!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  9. My driving around song is big pimpin, but I have a similar memory! I love your picnic, can I come? Wine and cheese and fruit please!

  10. Flip flops for sure for me. They are just so easy to throw on.

  11. Haha not going to work is a great summertime favorite activity!! I love family walks!!


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