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Hey friends--so sorry for my absence from here, but like I said a week ago, it has just been super crazy trying to wrap up everything for the end of the school year. 

I figured I'd do a currently post to get all caught up on what's been going on:
Slowly but surely I'm reading On the Jellicoe Road--so far it's starting off a little slow and I'm kind of confused, but I'm hoping it starts to come together soon since the reviews on it are so high.
She finished her last swim lesson on Saturday and did really well being dunked under water. Hoping we have a water baby in the making.
She's also taken to walking around saying "naw" all the time, which I think is "no". Sometimes she wags her finger while doing it which is beyond cute.
She moved up in shoe sizes too, so we've finally made it to 6-9 month sizes...at 13.5 months lol.
She also spent the day with my friend and her baby the other week when our normal daycare person was out of town and the girls had a blast together! I couldn't have asked for the day to go better, and the pictures of them together were the sweetest!
I've been on the hunt for a particular console table for our entryway. I  dont like the brown one we have anymore, and the drawer isn't functional. Pier 1 had had one that I loved, and was waiting for it to go on sale again, only to find out it was discontinued so I went on the hunt for what I had envisioned and you'd think it wouldn't be that hard to find a white console table, but SO MANY of them are cream, and not a bright white color.
Well, my mom is the most amazing person in the world, and she called Pier1 and found one of 2 of these tables left in the country and it's supposed to be arriving today. Seriously, rockstar mom! 

In non-fun buying, we had to get a new faucet for our kitchen sink because the handle on ours fell off last weekend. I was shocked that these things cost around $100! Not fun, at all.

Outlander. We are obsesssssssed with this show. And somehow we have breezed through almost all of the current seasons with only a few episodes left of the most recent one. This one took the place of Poldark and I'm going to be sad when we don't have anymore left.

Beyond that, the standard Bravo line-up is always up. Super excited for Million Dollar Listing NY to be back, and always loving my Southern Charm. On that front, who else thinks Ashley is awful???

I went to my friend Stacy's bridal shower this weekend in DelRay--we won't be able to go to her wedding in NY since we'll be at the beach with family for my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary, but I was glad I could come to the pre-celebrations.
We also planned a bachelorette night out for her at the end of the month which I'm looking forward to, also!

My good friend at work had her last day last Friday and it's super sad. It's nice having that person you can always stop by and hang for a minute, or just vent to. Plus, she always had the inside info about a ton of stuff happening at work. We text every day and it's just sad that she's not here this week, and won't be next year :(

I'm trying out a new recipe this week that someone posted last week (sorry I can't remember who it was, but if you see this and it was you, remind me!): Cheeseburger gnocchi! Bring on the calories!!
It seems like this time of year is when the intense, craziness starts happening. Meetings with lawyers and advocates, parents start demanding tons of stuff...it's just a lot mixed in with all of the normal end of the year stuff. You might think the end of the school year is a breeze, but it's probably one of the busiest, especially in special education.
I also feel like I'm losing total track of what day it is. Last week I woke up on Tuesday and thought it was Saturday...so that tells you where I'm at!

Link up with Jessi and I to let us know what's hap-"pinning" with you!


  1. Whew! You've been a busy lady! Fingers crossed things slow down a little for you soon! That is so awesome your mom found that table for you. It's GORGEOUS! We have a super similar one in our entry from Target (obvi not as nice as your's) though so I'm biased ;)

  2. I missed MDLNY this week so I need to catch up!! Hope the end of the school year wraps up nicely for you! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  3. I am exhausted reading all of this! And just wait until she starts to talk more... so cute. Yay mama found the table! I was about to say paint one, but then she came to the rescue. Its almost summer!

  4. Way to go Mama on the console table! I totally did the same thing and ordered from Target and it was completely cream (maybe I didn't read it correctly but not what I expected) Little E is so dang cute and Andi was the same with clothing sizes for the longest time! I'm def with you on Southern Charm - Ashley is nuts. Go look at her IG, kind of shocking!

  5. I am kind of where you are at too with not knowing what day it is! You do sound so busy - but great that you got to meet up with pals for a bridal shower - you all look great (isn't getting the opportunity to put a dress on away from the family great?!). BTW Poldark S4 has started - can you access it on Amazon over there via BBC I-player / catch up? If you can let me know what you think as episode one was pretty stress and there is some big news. Love the bright white console table idea! Thanks for the link up x

  6. Cheeseburger gnocchi sounds so good! Your mom is the best, so sweet of her to find that table for you. I hate when you lose a work bestie, I just had that happen. Hope things the last couple of days go smoothly!

  7. cheeseburger gnocchi - oh my gosh!! Hopefully your last few school days fly by!

  8. I still don't understand the shoe sizing for the kiddos, Serena must have really small feet too yet they're perfectly proportioned. Yay for finishing swimming lessons! <3
    Green Fashionista

  9. I think it was Lizzie who posted about the Cheeseburger gnocchi because I wanted to try it, too! Let me know how it is!

  10. Your Mom sounds just like my Mom!! She would do the same thing for me - aren't moms the best!?! Yep that cheeseburger gnocchi I shared last week, I hope you get a chance to make it, it's delish!!!

  11. Go mom go!! Love the table you/she found!! And yes, Ashley is awful. There is NO WAY they can still be together come reunion time (being filmed now!). ALMOST SUMMER!!! XOXO, R

  12. Go Mom! I love when someone can hunt down the unattainable. LOL

    I don't get kid shoe sizes.

  13. That's so awesome your mom found you that table!!! It was meant to be!

  14. Lizzie posted the cheeseburger gnocchi. I wanted to try it. Ha. Love Ella's heart romper. I love baby rompers. Ha. That is a great table!

  15. Im so glad that her swim lessons went well!!


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