{WHW}: Summer Edition

Hi friends and happy Wednesday! I'm sorry for my long absence--the end of the school year was crazy, and since that ended early last week, I've just been enjoying my time with my girl at home.
So, let's dive into what's been hap-"pinning"!
This past weekend my friend Hanna got married to her perfect match, and MG and I got a night out to get dressed up and celebrate two great people! It was so fun spending the night with our other friends, and making friends with the other couples at our table. 
Since I'm home this Summer, I've also had more time during the week to get together with friends and have playdates. I think Ella and I both appreciate the time since I'm not nearly as entertaining as her friends are! Monday we went to the mall play-place, last week we went to a playground and rode the carousel, and today we're meeting up with the boys from her daycare for some fun and pool time.
Ella is growing and chatting up a storm, and also been verrrrrry fussy these past few days. I think she's teething and it's been "special" lol. The Baltic amber teething necklace that I got her way back when has seemed to be helping during the day, and I'm SO thankful for that because a miserable baby is no fun for anyone.
Even with the fussiness, she's cuter than ever, in my completely biased opinion :)

So, last Friday our dishwasher decided to start backing up and pouring out all over our kitchen floor. Picture me trying to clean that mess up, with a dryvac and a baby desperately wanting to be held. #chaos
Unfortunately the water leaked under the dishwasher and went into the ceiling in the basement. Luckily not severe damage, and we have a new dishwasher being installed on Thursday (along with a new microwave because Best Buy had a deal...) The joys of home ownership, I tell ya!

MG also has spent a TON of time re-painting (DeckOver'ing) our top deck, and staining the bottom deck. This weekend, he also replaced some boards that had been worn out over the years and just need to be stained. God bless that man and his handiness! And now the deck is even nicer to enjoy during the days, and the evenings after dinner!
Next up: re-vamping our back area and updating a stone path to the fence.

Healthy Me:
Now that I'm home and can take advantage of nap times (praise!) I've been jumping back into reading consistently, AND working out! 
Last week I re-did my Beach Body onDemand membership and did an ab workout one day, and a 21 day Fix the next. And then the next day I was hurting SO badly because as much as I chase after Ella, and hold her/lift her every day, it's not the same muscles used in these workouts. It feels good to get back into it and I'm hoping if I build some consistency this Summer, it'll be easier to incorporate a few times a week once I get back to work. 

Bachelorette which continues to be ho-hum. With the exception of crazy outfits like this:
Below Deck is entertaining and since we finished binge-ing Outlander, we moved on to Billions and are getting caught up on Season 2.

I think that during the Summer I'm going to just scale back to blogging on Wednesdays. I want to soak up as much time as I can with Ella this summer, and I know there's a big slump that happens in blog world during the summer, so I'm going to be putting most of my time and effort into my kid, and my health, but I'll still be here on Wednesdays so I hope I'll still hear from you all!

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  1. So fun you're home with Ella! Sounds like summer is going pretty good. Ugh our dishwasher crapped out on us a few months ago and now our microwave just last week - and these appliances are only 4 years old! Ridiculous!

  2. smart move just focusing on one day a week in summer - enjoy all those moments with that cute babe! ugh home improvements - they come out of no where and in multiples am i right? have a great rest of the week girly!!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. The back of her dress is gorgeous. Love Ella and jellies, so cute. Teething sucks, it just does, iam so sorry. And ugh about the dishwasher. I do not miss our deck and redoing it like we had at Jason's townhouse. I am so glad you're getting back on the workout train. Love you.

  4. It is so wonderful you get to spend your summers with Ella! I totally agree about the Bachelorette this season and I've been debating spending money on the 21 day fix or a beach body program. I haven't been able to decide if I would stick with it enough to get my moneys worth!

  5. Ahh she's so cute by that patio table! Love that pic! Finally saw that outfit you were referencing last night - geeeez haha! And I'm with you, sometimes I can only get a wed post in and I'm totally fine with that! You go Mama! (ps I love the 21 day fix workouts)

  6. Yea for a wonderful summer of Ella time!! Enjoy every moment!! XOXO, R

  7. I still can’t believe that about your dishwasher. Ugh! So glad you’re getting to soak up time with sweet Ella this summer. ❤️

  8. I'm so glad that you are able to have that time with Ella! It's such precious time.

  9. Enjoy that time with sweet Ella! I know you are! And bummer about the dishwasher. That sounds like a terrible mess!

  10. Are you ready for the new season of Married at First Sight?! And I'm so so on this season of The Bachelorette, but I do love Blake and Colton :)
    Ella is just the CUTEST!!!

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