Weekly Wins and Resoluting

Happy Friday, friends!
This makes 3 posts this week which is basically unheard of in these parts lately, but I've missed you all and have been trying to get more posts up here, so today I'm sharing some wins from the week!

~I tried four new meals this week (three in the Instant Pot) and 3 of them were ones I'd totally make again, including a broccoli cheddar soup that surpasses all previously made Broc Ched soups I've made in the past (and way easier in the IP--I'll post it soon). Total win.
Balsamic Veggies, pasta and chicken
~MG and I made a "resolution" (if you want to call it that), that we would start eating more veggies this year at dinner. We used to be great about it, but since having Ella, we've been focused more on HER eating healthy things, and we just eat super fast--I'm sure other parents can relate to this. Well, we've stuck to it, and I feel really good about it. Luckily Ella eats veggies well anyway, and I hope this helps to keep it that way. The other night she and I had a broccoli eating competition which made it fun for her to finish all of the pieces of broccoli on her plate. And she can now say the word broccoli! Win-win!

~Morning snuggles on the couch with my girl is always the best way to start the day. She eats her cereal, we watch a little tv, and just snuggle. 
~We have a kid who will throw away her own diapers in the mornings, willingly, and has for a couple of months now (I never make her throw away poopy ones). She will also, mostly, put away her shoes where they go when we get home, and she throws away other things in the trash when we ask her (most of the time). I love seeing this smart little girl take on little pieces of responsibility and contribute to our family in her own little way. Hopefully this continues, but for now I'll consider it a win.

~This weekend we went to eat at a Mexican restaurant near us that I'd gone to previously with a friend. You guys, they were SO accommodating to Ella, and to us. They brought out her chicken already cut up into small pieces, they split the spicy margarita we ordered to share into two glasses, and when Ella was eating  salsa by the spoon (truth), the waitress brought us out two extra to-go containers to take with us, and some extra chips to-go. To top it off, they featured her on their Facebook page, too. I love finding a good place with friendly staff, who do the extra little things to make your experience better.
~We have snow in the forecast for Sunday and all of the teachers (and kids) are hoping it's enough to get us a snow day on Monday. Time to wear the jammies inside out!

I already talked about our resolution for more veggies, but I also made another one for myself which is to not be on my phone while driving, ever. I've been WAY more conscious of this since having Ella in the car with me, but even when she's not, I'm really trying to stay off of my phone and only check it if I need to when I'm completely stopped (red light). I see people posting on Instagram while they're driving or I'm driving next to someone who is very obviously texting (and weaving) and it makes me cringe because if anything happened, you'd instantly regret it. Nothing is worth the pic or story you're posting, or the text you're responding to....if you got injured, or were responsible for injuring someone else, you'd never be able to forgive yourself. I always remind myself of this when I'm tempted to check. Nothing is worth that risk.  Ok, stepping off of my soap box now.
Hope this week brought you some wins, too! Have a great Friday and weekend!


  1. Love those cozy mornings cuddling! My boys also love broccoli (they call them "trees," ha!) and that Mexican restaurant sounds amazing! I love when restaurants/businesses go the extra mile; it makes it all worth it! And YES to the on-the-phone-while-driving thing. With kids in the car or not, no text, email or social media post is worth it!

  2. That is awesome that the restaurant staff were so good to you guys and Ella! I'm sure it made your night!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. oh that last little photo! anyway I totally posted three times too! I swear I have to get all my vacation recaps in ha. anyway I think its great to try to eat more veg - I am back on needing to do that too. and NO to texting and driving. I will do stories in the car but ONLY at a red light or usually only when parked. goodness people. anyway have a good weekend!
    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. I've got to work on the new recipes goal for this year. I have some great cookbooks that get overlooked, but it's true about wanting to make something quick. And so true about the veggies!! I'll pick those over treats any day!

  5. I admit I have insta and drove before, I do it hands free but I need to stop. Love Brittany for reminding me of that. We also have resolved to eat more veggies since we are forcing E to eat more.

  6. That Mexican place sounds amazing and I love that they featured her! Go ahead with your veggies! They are so good! Have a good weekend and I have my fingers and toes crossed you get a snow day!

  7. I do not understand videoing yourself when driving.

    Hurrah for the veggie wins!

  8. That restaurant sounds like a dream! Nick and I totally need more veggies in our life.
    Happy Friday!


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