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Reading....I finally finished Beneath a Scarlet Sky during my Winter Break (there was some skimming for the last 25% of the book, but I made it!) and now I'm on to a lighter read called The Honeymooner. After that one, I have Verity downloaded and ready to be read after seeing it on Karly's Instagram Monday night

Drinking....not enough water, but getting better. Over break, I invested in a new water bottle (my previous one from HomeGoods wasn't keeping my water cold through the day). This one is 22 oz, and the powder coating on the bottle is so well done--it feels really nice to hold. My old water bottle had a straw which I liked, but it make a loud squealing sound when I drank from it, which this one does NOT do. I got mine for $16.99, but it looks like it's $18.99 right now on Amazon.
Eating...after trying 4 new meals last week, I added two new ones to the rotation this week. Instant Pot Mushroom Stroganoff (last night--AMAZING!), and Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Skillet (tonight). Will report back!

Anticipating....Spring Break! Too soon? Maybe, but MG and I book a trip to St. Augustine, FL with Ella, since it'll be our last time being able to travel by plane without paying for a seat for her. It'll be nice to get away to someplace warmer, see the sights, and hopefully see some friends in the area!
In addition to that, we've got a week booked in Lake Anna with my in-laws and my one SIL's family. A week at that lake in a beautiful house sounds a-okay to me!

Loving....snow days! The snow we got this weekend ended up giving us an extra day off of work on Monday, and a 2 hour delay yesterday. 
Unfortunately MG had to go to Boston for a work meeting on Sunday (the peak of the storm), so he wasn't able to spend the snow day with us. We still had fun, but we're excited to have him back as of last night.
Watching....Killing Eve. We finished Handmaid's Tale (and are eagerly awaiting the next season), and then watched the mini series 11.22.63 which I highly recommend!
Also, where are my Married at First Sight fans? I need to debrief with you on this season so far!

Wanting....to do this (or something similar) to our entry hallway. Saw it in a house in our neighborhood online with the same layout as us. Been thinking about painting the banister white, and doing the trim in the hall
Also think doing this "built in" by the door for coats would be a nice "upgrade" change too. (Obviously we would match everything since it's the same hallway)
Trying....to get Ella to wear bows in her hair. It's been an unsuccessful mission for anything longer than about 5-10 seconds.
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  1. I’m counting the days until spring break as well! And loved our snow day Monday too! And I like the ideas for the house spruce up!

  2. omg that bow. kills me! also loveeeeee killing eve. the scenery, the actors. love. and ST AUG you know how i feel about this. so exciting!
    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Not too soon to think Spring Break (and our bday month!) FL sounds lovely! I've got to get better about water too so thanks for sharing that bottle. Also, love the entryway and I'll be sending bow vibes Ella's way haha!

  4. Bows are still hit or miss with ys. Love that you all booked the florida trip, it will be a nice getaway. Girl, I am so bad at water I have am alarm on my phone.

  5. We LOVE that sweet potato skillet! Yay for snow days! :)

  6. I can't wait for your spring break too! :) And report back on the turkey skillet-- that looks yummy too!! XOXO, R

  7. Love your home improvement ideas (and your water bottle). 11.22.63 sounds like something I would enjoy. I need to check it out! Yes, can't wait to Handmaids Season 3! April!!!

  8. I need to try both of those recipes. Yum!!! I love Ella's hair up like that. Have so much fun on Spring break!

  9. That turkey sweet potato skillet sounds great! I can't wait to hear how it is. Spring break will be here before you know it, sounds like a great trip!

  10. Haha bows don't stay on long in this house either, she pulls them right out! Hence the perpetual ponytail on top of her head to keep her hair out of her eyes. I'm not ready to cut her hair yet <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. I have been struggling with my water consumption as well! I'm desperately trying to get better.

  12. If I had room, I'd certainly have a built in entry thing.

    The mushroom stroganoff looks great!

    Verity is awesome. Beneath a Scarlet Sky...not so much. LOL

  13. Spring break cannot come soon enough! I second Verity...I could NOT put it down but it is a little disturbing.


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