{WHW}: Dear Wednesday

Instead of Friday letters, I'm changing it up and doing some letters this Wednesday for WHW!
Dear Wednesday, you got here so much faster than normal since we had a teacher workday on Monday, and I'm grateful for it!

Dear Massage, I took advantage of having some free time in the afternoon on Monday and got a much needed massage. It was mediocre, but that was better than nothing. The worst part was that there was drilling going on outside of my massage room, so it wasn't the most relaxing. Way to go, Massage Envy.

Dear Allergic reaction, please stop. I've had it happen twice now that my eyelids have swollen due to some allergic reaction to something, yet I have NO IDEA what it is! One eyelid swells on top, and the other swells on the bottom. And it's happened after I've eaten food that I've always eaten before (and from two separate restaurants). Monday it happened after I ate leftovers of food that I had Saturday and didn't have any reaction to, so I'm at a total loss.

Dear doctors appointments, I'm over you. Between Ella having another ear infection (and follow up appointments), needing to schedule an ENT consult for her, and a ton of follow up appointments recommended by my fertility doctor, I'm just done. I'd love for everything to be normal and healthy so I could avoid all of these extra appointments, but it doesn't look like that's going to happen anytime soon.

Dear pointless trainings, you suck. Without going into detail, I hate having work trainings that are a waste of time and meeting just to meet. Give me time to work, or let me stay at home and use my time productively!

Dear Manifest, you were good for the first few episodes, and after about 7, it got repetitive and meh. Moving on to The Resident and loving it!

Dear couch, why you gotta be so comfy around 9pm, making me want to cozy in and fall asleep? All. The. Time.

Dear Superbowl, borrrrrrrrring. Snoozefest. I stopped watching after the halftime show and watched Sister Wives on demand instead.

Dear weather, thanks for the mid 70 degree day which was quite the change after our single digit days (and negatives with windchill)! Those days did lend themselves to lots of mommy Ella time...and cute photos like this:
Dear bestie, so so happy I got to see you this weekend and shower you and baby C before her arrival! The next few weeks are gonna fly by and I can't wait to meet your little love! Like always, it's like no time passed at all between the last time I saw you, which I love. Hoping it's not so long til the next visit!
(Also, how cute are these handles that she got for her daughter's dresser/changing area? I'm obsessed!)
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  1. I’m with you on the Super Bowl — snooze! And the weather here has been warm (But is going back down tomorrow, such a tease!).

  2. I'm hoping all your follow ups go well!

  3. I keep dozing off on the couch so early on these cold nights! (Well other than the past two days with the amazing weather)

  4. I did not even watch the super bowl. And lord the weather these days! Ella in your boots was so cute. Hang in there mama like is said it gets better.

  5. Uhh-- I would complain about the massage-- that is NOT okay for a massage place to be a construction zone! Also, the dresser handles are ADORABLE, agree about superbowl (aka super-boring) and sorry to hear of the continued health ailments! Maybe an allergy panel is in order?! XOXO, R

  6. ughhh I'm with you on the docs! We just had ENT appt out of town yesterday (and of course have to go back) and although her tonsils are ok (they were worried) she STILL has fluid in her ears from an infection. That is so weird about the eye swelling! I hope you get some answers!

  7. I agree with you on Manifest....we said we are giving it a couple more episodes before we stop watching it. It keeps getting weirder and weirder and makes no sense!

  8. I can't wait for better weather. Having a 70 degree day would be amazing, but I would feel cheated too. I am so sorry about the ENT docs. Do they think Ella needs tubes? Sending positive thoughts your way.

  9. I am so glad I missed the superbowl! Sorry about all the health stuff and doctor visits. happy Humpday!

  10. We love The Resident!
    I gave up on Manifest too. I had had high hopes.

  11. I love those bow drawer pulls! This weather is so weird. Ugh, sounds like your massage was kind of awful. My co workers are saying the same thing about Manifest. I hope your eyes don't swell again! Have you thought about allergy testing?

  12. We have been having warmer weather too and it's been amazing!


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