Weekend Randoms

I'm sitting at home right now looking at a pretty day outside, but keep getting distracted by the howl of 40 and 50 mph winds blowing. Yowza!

There are some random things that have been going through my head as I sit lazily on my couch and I figured why not share it on here? So here goes:

1) Mars and Venus
I'm not talking about the planets this time. I'm talking about men and women. A lot lately my roommate and I have talked about how different guys and girls are (Ok, let's be real. This is probably a topic of conversation nightly. We ARE girls afterall). Recently the topic focused around how guys can say something that probably seems so small and insignificant to them, but it can either mean the world to us, or make us wrack our brains trying to figure out "what did he mean by that?" I know that in the 27 (almost 28...eep!) years that Ive been on this planet, I have spent a fair amount of my girly time wondering just that: "What did he mean???" On the flip side, I think guys don't really grasp just how easy it is to make us super happy. One sweet text, just to let you know you're being thought about, can do wonders. Just a thought, boys! :)

2) Travel Wine Cooler
How awesome is this?? I saw it on woot.com (one of my all time favorite websites to check for cool and random shizz). I feel like by posting this, and admitting how excited it made me, I am admitting my alcohol-loving tendencies (better than "alcoholic," right?). I'm blaming the excitement over this one on a really long, long work week, so there! Even still, I think this thing is super cool and the possibilities for it are endless!

3) Movies and Friends
Today I'm meeting up with a good friend of mine who is a former coworker, and we're going to see Just Go With It (Adam Sandler/ Jennifer Aniston). I'm hoping all of the funny parts aren't just the ones they've shown in the commercials. I hate when that happens.
I'm also thinking it might be a little bit of a letdown after seeing The King's Speech with the boyfriend last weekend (he waited and said he wanted to see it with me since it's about my field of work--speech pathology--isn't that sweet? Little things, I tell you!!). I know they're totally different genres but the movie was just awesome. Boyfriend even liked it (I was afraid I was only enjoying it cuz of my inner speech nerd) and we both understood why it got nominated for so many awards.
Hopefully Just Go With It is good for some laughs!

4) Coop-monster
Coop is in need of a haircut. Badly. He is back to his somewhat abominable snowman/fat sheep looking stage. I love when Cooper is a fluff ball (he's freaking adorable when he comes wiggling at you in his fluffy-wonderment), but his fur gets all matted when it's long and it's a pain. Time for the spring weather haircut and an expensive trip to the groomer. Good timing since I dont have to worry about him freezing his hiney off in the cold anymore (yay Spring!!). I have a feeling he will look something like this when the groomer is done with him:

A little less fluffy, but a cutie nonetheless!

That's all I've got going on for now. Hope you all are enjoying your weekends! And, if you're in the D-M-V area, don't get blown away by these crazy-butt winds!!!

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