Happy President's Day!

I am oh-so thankful for Presidents. And especially today, since we get a day off of work to celebrate them. Or run errands, be lazy, etc. My 'celebration' today contributed to stimulating the economy with all of my errands--how much more American can you get?!? (I'm trying here.) If someone ever made a Jenn's Day, you would have my full permission to celebrate me by enjoying some time off of work, and getting stuff done. What better way to show appreciation??

Today started kind of eventfully with Cooper having an episode of throwing up and then pooping in the apartment (which he hasnt done for well over a year). He started out barking at one of the workers outside which turned to whimpering. I only noticed something was really wrong when I heard the churning sound of the pre-pukes (you dog owners know what I mean). Little dude seems to be ok now, but it was quite a weird episode, especially with the pooping inside. Makes me wonder if something was given to him at the groomer's yesterday. Hmm...(P.S. the new Cooper 'do is quite cute. Not as fluffy but he looks quite cute and smells a heck of a lot better than he did beforehand). On that note, Petco has upped their cut prices--cost me $73 to get Cooper cut and washed. His hair cuts are getting to cost the same as mine! Hell, I got my oil changed and tires rotated today for less than it cost to get my dog's hair cut. What The French Toast?!?!?

Something random also occurred to me today when I was driving into the apartment complex and a dog was taking a crap. A squirrel was sitting nearby, kind of in a similar position as the dog, and it made me think: have you ever seen a squirrel take a dump? Not that thats really something that you'd want to see, but we've all seen dogs and other animals relieving themselves. But, never squirrels. Perhaps they are super-human. Something to ponder. Or not. haha

After visiting some coworkers at my old job, and running my errands, I'm ready to get my workout on and then sit and lay in wait for the impending snow/ice/sleet mix we are supposed to get tonight. Remember when I said we wouldn't have to worry about the freezing temps anymore? WRONG!!! Damn you, groundhog! Here's hoping it's enough for DC schools to cancel or delay (I can dream, can't I?)

Have a good Monday!

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  1. That's God's way of taking revenge of fcps by giving us maybe a day off tomorrow instead of the one we didn't get today :)


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