Another Countdown

Today marks the second to last day of my 27th year of life. It's been good, but there is something somewhat scary about 28. Not so close to 25 anymore, and nauseously scarily close to 30. But, tomorrow I have Boyfriend's visit to look forward to  (pretty sure tomorrow's work day will be full of happy fidgetting and a slow moving clock), and my actual birthday and party with my friends on Friday.

I like to think that as I'm getting older I'm also getting wiser. There are many times where my friends and I have talked about how our lives aren't really what we thought they were going to be, but I have (over time) realized that this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Looking back, if I had rushed into some of the things that I had wanted to rush into, I would have gone through a ton of heartbreak and potentially ruined some good things I had going. So, today's life lesson is:
Where you are in life is ok, even if it's not where you expected that you would be. Don't compare your life to others' because your life isn't theirs. Your life is special and the things that you do within it are unique. You want to create your own story--you don't want someone else's.
(This is to show unique-ness, and how important YOU are. I'm not suggesting trampling people over hehe)

So, on that note for this Hump Day, I hope everyone has had a good week, and looking forward to the weekend. I know I sure am!
25ish hours til Boyfriend arrives!!!!


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