To Jazz Fest, or Not to Jazz Fest

That is the question.

Boyfriend is a lover of jazz, and I have gotten more into it since dating him (as you tend to do when dating someone who has a passion for something). So, he has always told me about how amazing and super fun JazzFest is. I love New Orleans--the one and only time I've been was when I went to visit my best friend when she was interning there and we had a ball. I've been dying to go back since then and Jazz Fest seemed like a great reason to return. Boyfriend and I have talked about making our way down there since we started dating but it hasn't worked out.

When visiting for his birthday, his parents mentioned that they had rooms down there and that we should come, which got us thinking about it. Of course it starts the weekend AFTER my Spring Break is over, so we thought the second weekend would be better (AND my best friend happens to be going that weekend AND I haven't seen her in forever AND I miss her like crazzzzzy!), and it would be easier for me to justify leaving work for a day or two a little further away from our break.

So we looked into plane tickets. Holy monkeyballs!!! The cheapest ticket I
can find that doesnt have me doing 3 layovers and flying all across the continent in order to just go South was roughly $600!!!!! Ugh. Flights for Boyfriend down there from STL are roughly the same, so now we are it worth it? Boyfriend brought up that that is almost the cost of 2 plane tickets for us to see each other (more like 1.5 with the flight price hikes---grrr airlines!).

What do you think? Is it worth it for a weekend of fun with the boyfriend, meeting up with my best friend, and spending some "getting to know you" time with the boyfriend's family?  I don't know what to do...



  1. My boyfriend and I are having the same problem right now because we want to take a vacation to Grand Rapids this's definitely a tough call. But just a piece of advice, Tuesday is the cheapest day to book travel. Example...I booked a flight to South Bend, Indiana on Tuesday for $280...on Saturday when I looked at flights they were $450 so it definitely depends when you were looking at the flights! In the end it's up to you, it would definitely be a memorable experience but might put a damper on when the next time you can see each other will be since it costs so much!

    Good luck!

  2. Christy: I know what you mean in terms of booking on Tuesdays. My only problem is my work schedule. There's no way I could get away with taking off Tues-Friday, especially with Spring Break just ending the week before. Boo.
    I guess this one will just have to either happen (and be expensive) or, not and we'll have to make a legit plan for next year.
    It doesn't help that the fuel prices are going through the roof now either. Bahhhh!

  3. Oh I don't actually mean TRAVELING on Tuesday! I mean BOOKING on Tuesday! Tuesday is the least popular day that people spend looking to book vacations, so the flights are always cheapest on those days! (My boyfriend works in the airline industry, so he's taught me all of these little tips and tricks!)

  4. Ooooh, I misunderstood--Ill have to look into doing that! Thanks for the tip! :)


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