Monday Ramblings

It's Monday. I don't think I need to say more. So, in light of the Monday-icks, I thought I would regale you with some tales of some interesting things I saw and heard today.

I just got back from taking my dog for a walk. As we were walking past the bus stop outside of my apartment complex I saw a woman who had a headwrap on (the religious kind--I cant think of the name right now), seemingly talking to herself. I figured that she was on a blue-tooth (up until recently I just assumed people were crazy and talking to themselves haha), but then as I got closer I realized she had a more ghetto simple solution. Just tuck your cell phone into your headwrap. I'm not kidding. Upon writing this I was wishing I had taken a picture. Thankfully other interesting individuals have done me a favor and Google Images never fails to deliver. Imagine something kind of like this except with a headwrap instead of a hat:
And if you need some other laughs, just google "ghetto blue tooth". You won't be disappointed.

Another thing I enjoy is when you catch part of a person's conversation. Although I do enjoy eavesdropping listening intently to the entire conversations of others, parts of conversations are second best. On my Metro ride home today, for instance, a younger woman got onto the train and the first thing that I heard out of her mouth was "B*tch" which promptly got my attention since I was sitting right next to the door. And then she went on to describe how some girl had just fallen outside. Why the B-word was warranted, I dunno, but she sure got my attention.

I also overheard (on the second leg of my journey) a man awkwardly hitting on another woman who I suppose he randomly sat down next to. Presumably she was Chinese (he was white) and started to ask her where she was from and then started speaking Chinese to her. She was weirded out and said "I don't speak that dialect." The guy did not seem to take the hint and then proceeded to try to speak some other words in that dialect that she would know. Then he told her he learned to speak Chinese playing a tile game when he was in high school (way to let her know you really ARE a winner, sir). Awkwarrrrd! She promptly got off at the next stop.

All in all today wasn't too terrible, and the random funnies helped to make it a little better. Hopefully they helped to cheer up your days as well! :)

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