Wednesday Randoms

Today I'm feeling particularly tired. I think it's a combination of waking up when it's still dark outside mixed with waking up earlier than usual today since I had to get to work early for a parent meeting. Therefore my
brain has been a little more scattered than usual. So here are some of the randoms that have been going on (two of them are stories, and one is useful):

1) One of the students I work with came to school yesterday and apparently had arrived an hour earlier than normal. When discussing this with her teacher, she said she thought Daylight Savings Time was only for one day, convinced her mother that she needed to be at school an hour earlier, and therefore arrived an hour before school opened. Of note, this student was over the age of 11.

2)I was teaching two 6th grade boys about idioms yesterday. And, in my stupidity, I said "Okay, who can tell me what an idiot is?" They both proceeded to laugh hysterically, as did I. It took us a little bit to compose ourselves. I may or may not have chuckled about it a little later, too.

3) You know those blotting sheets for your skin to make the oily stuff go away? Well, I have come up with another solution. Working in a school, there's an endless supply of those ugly brown paper towels in the bathrooms. These also work extremely well as blotting papers. Try it. And they're free!!

Hope your Wednesdays are full of fun stories and laughs!

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