Cooper's Ears

Hey, all! I'm not sure I'll be participating in any bloghops today (boo) because this morning was a busy one and then I had to leave work halfway through the day to take the poor Coop-monster to the vet because his ears are red and kinda crusty.

Cooper loves going to the vet. This might sound odd--who wants to go someplace where they poke and prod you and then stick you with needles (and in this case, dump liquid into your ears)? Um, Cooper does. As long as there are hands petting and attention to be had, Cooper is ALL over it. This is the dog who has tail-wiggled happily through all of his shots. I kid you not.

So, after over an hour long vet visit, an ear culture/test, Cooper wiggling and hamming it up for the vet and her tech (who told me later that after seeing Cooper, the vet was in the back talking about wanting to get a mini poodle now, haha) and $155  later....they're not sure what's wrong with my buddy's ear but "there's definitely something going on" (thanks, Captain Obvious!). So, now I have ear cleaner and some cream stuff to put on/in his ears for the next week and they are *hoping* it helps. Supposed to go back in 10 days to see how he's doing (and I kind of wanted to ask if that meant I'd get charged another $60 for just walking in the guess? Probably).

Although it's expensive, my little guy is obviously worth it. And I'm hoping his cute little ears get better soon (tho, by the looks of his short wiggly tail, you'd never know anything was wrong with the little guy!)

So, from Cooper and I, we wish you a Wiggle-tastic Wednesday!!!

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