Friday's Fancies!

Today I am linking up with {av} over at {long distance loving} (go check her out--she's super cute, has a lot to say, and has a great sense of style!) for Friday's Fancies, where you come up with an outfit for something that you're doing that weekend (real or fake) and price is NO object!

My outfit for today is for a Spring evening date with the Boyfriend. Where you want to look cute, be comfy and feel stylish. (This is my wishful thinking that the weather was actually warm enough for an outfit like this to be able to be worn). Check out what I came up with:

For some reason I couldnt get the information on the pictures to load with it but here is the info on all of the items above:

Flutter Dress from Ann Taylor Loft
Patina Stores earrings
Madden Girl Achilles T-strap Sandals
and a Jigsaw clutch!

I tried to go for cute, comfy and flirty!

What do you think? What are your Friday's Fancies?


  1. Cute outfit, love the dress! :)

  2. Love the color of the dress! Cute outfit!

  3. Loft is one of my favorite stores. That's a cute dress. The whole look goes together so well!

  4. The color of that dress is so nice and so perfect for Spring. :)

  5. I can't thank you enough for your sweet words about little ol' me! So happy to have you linking up for Friday's Fancies! I can't get enough of the soft tones you chose for this outfit...I sure hope you'll link up again soon! xoxo {av}


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