April Fool's Day!

Happy Friday, and coincidentally, April Fool's Day (I feel like I have been fooled several times this week thinking that it's Friday, so I'm glad that today isn't a trick!)

Apparently Google pulled a nice April Fool's prank. Check it out here.

I think the biggest April Fool's joke is from Mother Nature who has brought us rain and 30-40 degree temps today. Uh, can someone make sure she gets the memo that it's Spring??? Bad joke, Mother Nature.

Today also marks the last day before the kiddos at my school begin their district-wide testing for the next two weeks. We had an assembly today where there were chants, a cool music video from the 5th grade team (check it out here) and pie-ing teachers in the face. And the principal. I'm not kidding. All of that, and it's not even 10am yet!

Hoping that you don't get punked too badly today. Keep alert for those pranks!!

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