Friday's Fancies

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!!! Today, I'm linking up with {av} over at {long distance loving} for Friday's Fancies, and since I'm flying out to see Boyfriend today, my outfit is for a casual and comfy airplane ride. Still arriving cute for pick-up by Boyfriend, but comfy enough to stand sitting on an airplane to get there! What do you all think??

Catherine Malandrino draped top
133 GBP -

White top
499 DKK -

G by Guess embellished shoes
$50 -

J W Hulme flap handbag
$690 -

Shamballa Jewels pink jewelry
7.800 EUR -

Aurélie Bidermann leather jewelry
$450 -

Keep your fingers crossed for me that the scary storms that are supposed to be in the 'Lou hold off until my plane touches down!!
Since I'll be in St. Louis, I'm not sure how much I'll be able to access the blog-world, so if I drop off for a week, don't worry, I'll be back! I hope you all have fabulous Fridays and amazingly fun weekends!


  1. I LOVE this outfit and I love your blog! So cute! I look forward to reading more! Have a great weekend in St. Louis!

  2. I love that outfit, especially that cardigan :)

  3. Happy flying! You picked out such a cute & cozy outfit for the ride, too!

  4. That is the perfect airplane attire!! Definitely something I would wear.....with leggings or lululemon's depending on how long the plane ride is! Visiting from av's link up. Have a great weekend! xo

  5. This is the perfect airplane outfit! Hope you have a great trip!! :)

  6. If I saw you sporting this in the airport, I'd totally be envious of your style! Crossing fingers and toes that your flights go smoothly--there's nothing worse than flying in bad weather. So happy to have you as a Friday’s Fancies always have such beautiful outfits and I hope to be seeing more from you for weeks and months to come! (Totally understand if you're out of touch this week though ;) Have a fantastic deserve it! xoxo {av}

  7. Love it!! What a perfect look

  8. Thanks for all of the kind comments, everyone! And, good news! I made it to St. Louis on time and in one piece! Yay!!! Now, soaking up some much-needed time with the Boyfriend. Thanks again for all of the sweet comments!

  9. Love every piece in this look~ always want layers when traveling! Ava xx


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