Tornado Alley

Hey all! I know I have been MIA this past week (but you all knew that was going to be the case), but in light of the recent tornado that hit here in STL, I wanted to get on and let you guys know that I'm alright here. Boyfriend and I were out to dinner when the storm came into the area (and, of course, it was dinner under a canopy roof....which started leaking....haha). We were moved inside since we were getting leaked on. We finished dinner kind of quickly (no tornado alerts had been issued that we were aware of), and headed to the car and then drove fast as we could home.
Along the way, tornado sirens were going off (I have heard far too many of these, and spent several sessions in the interior of boyfriend's bathroom this week), which was kind of scarier than just hearing them from your house. Driving by them made you go "hmm....this just doesnt feel safe." So we high-tailed it home and a couple/friends we know came over  and we all watched the storm on the tv. It literally had two BIG swells of storms and one teeny tiny narrow part. That tiny part happened to be the part that went over us. Thankfully. They had even shut down the highways. Everyone was joking about how I wouldn't be able to get home and how I should just stay anyway (I am loved!! haha) and then this morning we woke up to see just how much damage had been done across the area. And to the airport.
Conveniently enough, after almost two years of joking about my flight getting cancelled and not being able to leave, this tornado came through and made that "joke" into a reality. Which section of the airport did it take out? It DEVASTATED the C-terminal, which just happens to be the terminal I fly out of. They lost windows and parts of the roof.
This morning I got on the phone with American (they suck!) and they said they could get me out of somewhere in Illinois that is about 2 hours away, but the earliest was Tuesday. So, I called Southwest and was able to get a flight on there (the terminal they fly out of is not damaged at all, other than a loss of power they expect to get up and running tonight), for $80 more than my return portion on American. Of course American won't pay for it (thanks, buttholes), but now I get another day with Boyfriend since I'll be leaving Monday morning rather than Sunday afternoon. (Which makes me even more happy since his evil boss is making him work today, knowing that I'm here and was supposed to be leaving tomorrow. Hate him!!!)
So, all in all, we are safe, and from what I've heard on the news, no one died in this storm which is amazing and really lucky!
So, I'll probably be back to the blogging world sometime on Monday afternoon. Assuming there aren't anymore tornados to roll through here....
Hope you guys are having a calm, relaxing weekend!

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