Top Two and Tail Wagging Tuesday!

Happy Tuesday, all! We're back to doom and gloom weather here in D.C. after the beautiful 80 degree day we had yesterday. At least we got a small taste! To make today a tad bit brighter, I'm linking up with The Undomestic Mama for Top Two Tuesday! Go check her out and link up!

Today's blog hop is your two favorite drinks.


My first favorite drink is Diet Coke! Although I'm trying to cut back, I love me some Diet Coke! Sometimes it's just the right amount of sweet and caffeine to get me through parts of a day that's dragging. And it's a perfect addition to some rum! haha


My second favorite, alcoholic beverage, would probably be Riesling! I love this on a nice Spring/Summer night. And, unlike red wine, I can drink more of this without feeling like I came from the depths of Hades the next day (maybe that's a good thing, maybe it's not--jury is still out! haha). I also enjoy that you can get some pretty inexpensive bottles of this and they still taste great. Mmmm!

My second link-up for today is with CMae at Live What You Love, for Tail Wagging Tuesday!
This week's link-up is to post a picture of your pet with their favorite toy. Much like CMae, my little Coop monster likes to pull my underwear out of the drawer...luckily he doesn't do anything with it other than drag it out into the living room with a "Look what I found, Mom" look on his face. I'm sure my roommate loves seeing my collection of underwear....haha. Luckily this isn't his main toy item (only when I forget to shut my closet door!)

But, the two REAL toys that Coop plays with are his little sqeaky bear that he has had since I got him as a puppy:

(Back when Cooper weighed 3 pounds...look how tiny and fluffy he was!!!)

And the second favorite toy, which up until this weekend had all of the stuffing inside of it, is his monkey that he got for his 2nd birthday in October. Here, it's pictured, hole and fully-stuffed.

Poor Mister Monkey....

That's it for my Tuesday link-ups! Hope you've enjoyed my pics of Cooper! Go on over and join in so I can see some of your cute and cuddly pets!


  1. oh he is so cute. Love him has a puppy!

  2. Love your drink choices! Your dog is so sweet! Cooper was so tiny!!

  3. Cooper is precious and I am also addicted to diet coke!

  4. Your pup is so small!!!! :) I hate that they love undies LOL so weird!!!

    Thanks so much for linking up!!! -C Mae

  5. Cooper is way too cute! Glad I came across your blog! :) Have a wonderful day!


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