What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey all! Hope your Wednesdays are off to a good start. Today I'm linking up with Jamie at This Kind of Love for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

1. I'm loving that I only have ONE more day of work after today before it's 10 days off for Spring Break, and 9 days to spend with Boyfriend in St. Louis. I'm hoping for a better forecast than what is in store right now (rain!) but getting to spend some much-needed quality time together is something I desperately need lately.


2. I'm loving that I have amazing friends who I can always talk to about my problems, make sure that I'm not over-reacting to things, and talk things through. I love that my friends are open and honest with me, and have the ability to calm me down and make me feel better about situations that I'm upset about. I feel truly lucky.
3. I'm loving that my cell phone isn't dying 2 hours into work (of course, I DID bring my charger today--so I'm guessing my cell knows and decided to hold its charge). And, I'm loving that I beat Boyfriend at a game of Words With Friends just now, hehe (altho he beat me the last 4 or so games before that...dang it!)

4. I'm loving that Cooper's ears seem to be better than they were last week (thank you $150 vet trip!). Fingers crossed it stays that way! :)

{via} Altho it's not Cooper, this pup is still cuuuute!!
Today's been a bit of a challenging day for me personally, so being able to pinpoint some things that I'm loving has been helpful. I hope you all are having more upbeat Wednesdays!


  1. Glad Cooper's ears are better! Love that picture of the pup, haha!

  2. Glad your pup is better and you get to see your boyf soon! Thanks for the sweet comments on my page!


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