Dresses and Dresses and Dresses, Oh My!

Happy Tuesday, lovies! I hope everyone's weeks have started off on the right foot and are continuing down that path!

I am giddy right now. A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for this bargain site called ideeli.com (whoever made me aware of this site, I love you...my wallet/bank account, however, does not). I'm all about a bargain while still looking cute (I'm a speech therapist getting paid a teacher salary in the time of crappy budgets--of course Im looking for bargains!) So, I have found three dresses on there so far that I had to have, and subsequently bought, the last of which was today. I'll show them off to you now!

The first dress I bought was $41.95 with shipping (everything ships for 9.95 which usually sucks, at least for me, cuz I only buy one thing each day usually):
This one I had to get in a size 6...it was the smallest it came, so I am hoping that it is the right size (I'm usually a 2/4). Thought this would be cute for Boyfriend and my 2 year anniversary dinner in NYC (just hoping it gets here in time!!)

The next one is more work appropriate I thought, with the potential to be dressed up for an after work happy hour, or weekend jaunt about town (it was $54.95 with shipping, a little more than I wanted to spend for this, but since I can use it for work, I splurged a little):

I figured with the simple colors, this would lend itself nicely to adding really colorful and fun accessories!
What do you think??

And my last purchase, today, is what I think of as the epitome of summer. It's light, looks comfy and cute. Can be dressed up or down, goes with a cardigan, flats, heels, fun jewelry. I love it. It's also $54.95 with shipping, but I think very worth it (assuming it fits when it gets here):
And it has pockets!!! I think it's just adorable. I can totally see it with wedges or cute flip flops. Swooooon!

I know the last two are more simple, but that's kind of what I like about them. Something that can be dressed up/down, and can have fun accessories with it is what I love about them!!

What do you guys think??
(all photos came from http://www.ideeli.com/)


  1. love your picks! the seersucker is my favorite!

  2. Thanks girls! It's my favorite too, Erin :)


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