Monday's Metro Commute

I'm back, all! This afternoon's commute home was full of so much interesting people watching, that I just had to post again for the day. So, let's just get right on down to the interestingness (is that a word) that my commute home today consisted of.

1) I walk out of the school building towards the Metro station. Within about 5 steps I see a mom in way too tight and short of clothing with two little kids and another female adult around. The two little kids are probably between 4 and 6 years old (maybe 7), and I hear the skantily clad mom say "I'm trying to shake my @ss, look at me!" as she strutted around in front of them. Uhhhh....why would you ever do that for one, and two, why would you do that in front of such young girls?? ....and teachers are the ones not teaching the youth of America correctly? I beg to differ....


2) So I get onto the metro and change trains where I normally do. I start reading my book to keep to myself and a gentleman sits down next to me. He proceeds to pull out a magazine, so I nosily curiously glance over to see what it was. Hmmmm....the magazine's title is "Imbibe" and every page is about liquor and other forms of alcohol. Now, I enjoy adult beverages as much as the next person, (and maybe the magazine is phenomenal), however I don't think I would walk around with a billboard to announce just how much I enjoyed it. thought I was done? Cuz how could there be so much fun in one 30 minute commute home??? No, no...there's more....


3) There is a lady who I see almost every day on the train and she is super skinny, has the potential to be attractive, but is perhaps THE most frumpy person I have ever seen. I'm not trying to be mean, here, just commenting. She wears really really loose fitting clothes, has long scraggly hair, and THE most hideous clunky shoes ever. I'm all about comfort but these are just ridiculous. And, to make matters worse, she carries a Mickey Mouse purse. Ughhh. I wish Stacie London and Clinton would pop out from What Not to Wear and help the poor soul!

 4) And speaking of poor wardrobe choices....why, oh WHYYYYY, if you had an extremely fair complexion, would you ever ever everrrrrrr buy a cream/light yellow colored suit? Jacket, skirt....oh, and sandals too? You look like a walking nudie! Pick some pops of color to make yourself look LESS ghostly, not accentuate it! I know I have not yet gotten my summer glow (and am in desperate need of it) so I am steering clear of those light colors right now, or am pairing with other more vibrant colors. Poor other lady...Stacie London can visit her too...

Those were the main attractions in the commute home...some more entertaining or pitiful than others. But, I thought I would share with you all! Again, I am not judging (except the mother, I'm totally judging her...that's just plain ick), just sharing my points of view!

Any fun people watching/commuting stories? Please share!!

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  1. hahaha these cracked me up! I agree with you on everything! I wish i rode the metro, as i am a big people watcher too!
    xoxo Inna :)
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