Job Application Nightmare!!!!

Hello, lovies!
I am here today, in quite the overly stressed out mode! As many of you know, I am planning on moving out to St. Louis this summer to end two years of long distance...and start an in-the-same-city, moving-in-together relationship with Boyfriend. He has expressed typical boy concerns over things like living with someone after having not lived with anyone for several years, and about my ability to get a job in a city that is struggling with budgets, laying teachers off, etc. I assured him "it will be FINE".....

Well, today I am coming at you with a "I dont know if it will be fine" attitude. I had been waiting on the County schools to post jobs. Checking diligently every day to no avail, so yesterday I emailed the HR department. What I got back was not good news. They have already gotten their intent forms back from teachers and there are NO openings for SLP's there. Wah. So now I am in a frenzy to finish the online applications for the City schools (which, have a whole bunch of things on their online applications that don't make any sense to me).

So now I am in the process of developing ulcers, gray hairs, and other stress-related ailments because I'm scared that I won't find a job out there. And I don't really feel like I should talk to Boyfriend about it yet cuz I don't want to send him into panic mode.

Not sure what I wanted to accomplish out of this post, other than to vent out some of my frustration/anxiety. Thanks for listening!


  1. I'm sorry! It's tough out there! The job process is not fun! I feel your pain! I apply to nearly 250 jobs each year and have for the last 5 years because there are no teaching jobs in NY. I'm lucky to have one, but not a permanent one. I'm sorry this isn't about me. But stay positive! You will find something! I think it's best not to talk to your bf about it either too! We're all here for you and are happy to listen! :)

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Michelle (and the commiseration! haha). I am calming down now some. I have asked my references for letters of rec (all of whom said they would get them to me asap) so I can apply to the City schools. Another SLP friend of mine just said that even if, worst case, I had to go to a contracting company, it wouldn't be the end of the world. I am calming down some....still stressing out tho! haha Thanks for the support!!

  3. Yikes! I'm not sure what your specialty is with your job in the school systems..but my old roommate is a licensed SLP and she does in-home therapy. I'm sure there are companies like that there. It will all work out. I promise! And, tell your boyfriend not to be so negative. I took the plunge last May to move to the same city as my boyfriend, and we have almost been in the same city a year. We have our usual ups and downs like any couples do, the adjustment period can be difficult, but the hardest part of your relationship is the long distance. You two have made it this far, I have no doubt you will make it through! Good luck with the job search. :)

  4. CCC: I'm also a licensed SLP but have worked in the schools since graduating (and I really enjoy it). I do have other options (private therapy, bursing homes *shudder*, or contracting companies). I know it will work out, just maybe not the way that I had hoped.
    I keep telling the BF to settle down, but he's a guy and they freak. Esp when its the "next level" of commitment haha. And we're going from distance to living together which will be a change. I think we'll be ok, but, like you said, it will be an adjustment period (hopefully not one where we want to kill one another!! haha) Thanks for the kind words and support :)

  5. Seriously, my boyfriend had his own freakout moment prior to my moving to Chicago too. So much so that I for a second reconsidered not going..but I am so glad I pushed through and once we were in the same city all was well. :)

  6. I am so sorry! I do feel your pain. I am a newly graduated teacher, desperately trying to find a job, and I have gotten tons of rejections, some they cut positions, and others want males. It sucks. I am so sorry! Just wait though, I am sure something will open up so your plan can go through, and the boyfriend will not worry so much! After 3 years of distance with my boyfriend I don't blame you for wanting to be close to yours! Yes just stay positive.! I am trying as well, but I will really pray for you that something happens :)

  7. I know this has to be super frustrating for you! Hang in there! My mom is a teacher and she always swears by the time school is out in May, it's like fruit basket turn over at schools, even when people signed their intent letters. I'm sure you will find something perfect!


  8. Kae: Thanks for sympathizing. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you as well. Who would have thought in a field with such high demand that there would come a day where there wasn't that demand anymore?

    Tiffany: I'm hanging. Trying to stay positive. I'm sure it will work out, but I can't help getting nervous about it. Thanks for commenting and being supportive :)

    You girls are great! Really love all of the kind words from you all, so thank you :)


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