Cooper's Adventure in Education

Happy Thursday, everyone! It is SCORCHING hot here in DC....they said yesterday was gonna be bad, but today it is SO much worse. It makes me glad that I decided to drive to work today, but that choice wasnt because of the heat, it was because I brought Cooper, my sweet, people-loving mini-poodle to work with me today.

I had seen an article a few weeks ago about little dogs like Coop being brought into schools so that kids could read to the dogs. The article said that kids who had despised reading, would actually read with the dogs when they came in. I had brought Cooper in to my old school last year, and it had been a success.
So, when I brought this to my principal, she said I could bring him in (on a day that she wasn't there, because she is afraid of all animals).

So, to work we went. In the morning, Cooper sat by the door in my office, waiting for people to pass by and come in so he could roll over onto his back and get pets....

And then he got to meet some of the kids in one of the 4th grade classrooms. Oh how they loved Cooper. And, Cooper just moved around the circle, soaking up all of the love, and pets that they had to offer.

He even spent some time helping to administer a test:

(at first he was actually in the kiddo's lap....then he decided he wanted in on the action)
And then he spent some time learning about 3rd grade math, up close and personal:

He also had some stories read to him, got taken for a short walk outside, helped turn a kid's bad morning into a great afternoon, soaked up some more pets and love (from both kis and teachers), and then we made our way home.

Cooper is passed out as we speak. He is adorable.
I think, seeing him in these settings, makes me love my buddy even more. Seeing how he makes people (kids and adults) smile, seeing the motivation he brought to some of the kids to read and do was priceless.

I love my pup! :)


  1. How fun is that?!?! I'd love to be able to bring my dog, Wilma, to work with me!

  2. Looks like a fun day! the photos are so cute!

  3. Cooper is too cute! What a great idea!

  4. Cooper definitely had a great day. We've been home for about 7 hours now and he has only been awake to go outside and to eat haha.

  5. that is so adorable. 1. I wish I had a dog and 2. if I did I wish I could bring it to work with me.

  6. UGH we have a sandsoccer tournament this weekend and it IS hot!!!!

  7. What a GREAT idea!!! Bravo for thinking outside the box, and hooray for your school for being open to this idea!


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