Happy Wednesday, lovies! Today brings with it the hump to the week, some heat and humidity, and What I'm Loving Wednesday (Head over to this kind of love and link up with Jamie!)

I'm loving that part of the middle school is out on an overnight field trip today.....why? Because it means it is peaceful and quiet in the hallways outside of my office. A rarity! (Seriously, it is dead silent here...you wouldn't even be able to tell it was regular school hours for how quiet it is!) I'm also loving that I am not on said field trip, because an overnight trip with a whole bunch of hormone packed middle schoolers sounds more like a nightmare to me than anything else. Pray for the teachers who had to go with them! lol


I'm loving that I finished my last parent meeting yesterday for the year (IEP meeting for you teachers out there). Unless one magically pops up. Doh!,  maybe I just jinxed myself! Well, they're over for now....and my calendar has nothing but blanks on it (minus the daily countdown....) Yayyyy!


I'm loving that I'm doing things for me now. And kind of loving that I don't have to really worry about anyone else in making plans (other than my friends who might be going with me, or who I am visiting haha). Don't get me wrong, when I'm in a relationship, I don't mind having to sacrifice or compromise on things. But since I feel like I was the one doing all (or most) of it in my past relationship, it's nice to take a little bit and do stuff that I want to do without having to worry about anyone else.
Don't worry, this won't turn into "Jenn is a narcissist and believes that she is the center of the universe"...I'm just putting myself first for a while....and really enjoying it :)

I'm loving that I'm meeting up with an old friend tonight, who is one of those friends you have a flirty/fun relationship with. I haven't seen him in about a year since I tried to set him up with one of my friends (which didn't end up working out). Come to find out, he and I both recently broke up with our other half's (within the same week) and we've just been catching up lately. It'll be good to hang out and catch up, and perhaps have a make out/cuddle buddy for a rainy day haha.

I'm loving that my roommate and I got to hang out at our apartment complex's pool this past weekend. The weather was incredible, and it was a perfect lay-by-the-pool-and-be-lazy time! We also went out and did, what we dubbed, "The Tour of Arlington," where we stopped at a bar in each area of Arlington and had a drink (or two). We ended the night at our local Irish pub where we know the bartenders and the crowd is usually pretty fun, or at least entertaining. It was a great night and made me realize even more how much I'm going to miss my buddy when she leaves me in two weeks. ::tear::

~~I'm loving that a living situation of convenience turned into a friendship for a lifetime!~~

What are you all loving today??


  1. We've got a couple people out of our office today and it's so quiet and calm - I love it!

  2. Have fun with your "friend" tonight! :)

  3. ooh lala! who's this friend?! i'm jelly! when are we going to have our date? :)

    jk. i love this post! it makes me happy to read it.


  4. I'm loving that my finals are officially over!

  5. Loving your blog! Can't wait to read more! Jamie

  6. Great loves! I love field trips! They leave the building so quiet!!

    Happy Wednesday!

    A Little Bit of This & That

  7. Hope you and your friend have a great time tonight!

    Come link up tomorrow for Thankful Thursday and let us know what you're thankful for this week!

  8. 1. Your new blog banner is perfect!
    2. The support staff at our school is running up and down the hallways at my middle school because all of our students are going into crisis mode before school ends. The fact that half of the school is out sounds like HEAVEN!


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