Photo Inspiration Friday #4

Happy Friday, everyone! It's another gorrrrrrgeous day here in the Nation's Capitol, and I am in a great mood at the end of this week!

It's time for another edition of Photo Inspiration Friday!
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This week my photo inspiration comes from this photo I saw on Pinterest:

For one thing, the main color in here is PURPLE, which is my absolute fav color ever! There's also something really relaxing about sunsets. Bringing the close to a day, time to reflect on things that have happened, and also an opportunity to look forward to things to come the next day! I like the idea that there are endless possibilities ahead of us!

So, what's inspiring you today? Link up below! I can't wait to see the things that are inspiring you all!

Happy Friday, and have a great fun-filled weekend!


  1. Great inspiration this week...would love to sit on the end of that dock with a good book and a glass of wine : )

  2. I LOVE it! I want that dock in my backyard! So pretty ... except 86 the snow. I'm done with snow this year!


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