Treating Myself

Hey bloggy friends! Happy Tuesday! Is it me, or is this week going by kind of slowly already?? I'm hoping tomorrow brings a little faster pace to the week!

So, as you all know, I've recently come out of a 2 year relationship, during which most of my money was spent on buying plane tickets every month. Well, since I no longer have that monthly expenditure, and I'm taking a new look at things, I've decided to spend some money on myself for a change. Heck, I deserve it! :)

So far I have decided to:
1) Redo part of my room--I have had the same bed set (sheets, comforter, etc) since I left home 4 years ago. I love my bed set, but I think I'm ready for something different. I'm on the search for a new set, and I'm thinking I'd like some lite green, and purple colors in it. Maybe some blues also.

2) As part of the room re-do, I've already replaced my old IKEA bedside lamp (lame, plain and boring) with this lamp base from Target (pictured left).

I just bought a plain white shade to go with it, but I have plans to add ribbon to the top and bottom of the shade once I figure out a new bedspread that I want. It's a lot brighter than the other lamp that I had, and takes up less room on my nightstand. Both wins in my book! And, when the sun shines into my room, it casts these cool prisms on the wall through the glass balls!

{go get you one here}

3) I have been surfing quite a bit lately and just recently bought this gem (pictured on the right). It just came in the mail yesterday and I'm wearing it right now as we speak. I've already gotten several compliments on it from my female coworkers (who are impeccable dressers). I feel oh-so proud of myself! And, I bought it for myself! So there! :)

4) I have wanted desperately to make my own jewelry organizer to hang my earrings and necklaces on. I have the mirrors that I wanted to use (from IKEA) but I cant find the type of hooks that I want. So, in another day, I found an awesome wall unit that has a ton of storage for necklaces and earrings--both of which I have scattered all over the top of my dresser now, and it drives me insane! It looks like this:
The one I got is slightly darker, but still this lighter wood color (which goes with the other furniture in my room). And, the inside part opens for more holes to hang earrings on the other side!! Shipping was a bit pricey, but I'm super excited to get this, hang it in my room, and show off all of my jewelry!

5) Since I've missed out on taking vacations for the past year and a half due to my ex's schedule (he never wanted to ask for time off, but would always say "I wish we could go somewhere...." or "I feel bad that we haven't gone anywhere in a while..." blah blah blah), I've decided that I'm taking trips. A friend of mine at work is getting married in Turks and Caicos this summer, and guess what? I'm going! And since I work at a year round school, I get two weeks off in October--guess who's going to take advantage of the cheap travel time and go somewhere fun?? This girl! Screw waiting around for someone else to get their crap together. I'm gonna make it happen. And with all of the money I'm NOT spending on moving, I have plenty of it saved, and will put it to good use on some of these trips!

 I'm going places, baby.....and I don't just mean travelling! :)


  1. good for you! you deserve it!!

  2. Love this post and the positivity. The necklace is gorgeous! Good for you for doing things for yourself. You deserve it!

  3. Yay for treating yourself girl! I meant to tell you if you become a follower of my blog I am doing a giveaway soon :) speaking of treating yourself hehe :)

  4. aw i like this post. i like like like all these things. is that a picture of your neck?! i'm so proud of you!

  5. Thanks for the support, everyone!
    Kae: I'm a follower now
    Trish: no, it's not my neck haha

  6. Good for you! I totally want to go on the trip with you! :)

  7. Turks and Caicos is pretty. It is one of the more expensive islands in terms of simple food costs however.

    I like the necklace too. I'll have to scope something like that for my wife...


  8. Good for you! Love the necklace and jewelry organizer! Etsy is great!

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